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2019 Maskat Shrine Circus, Sunday, November 17

Children of all ages, come to the Annual Maskat Shrine Circus presented by Carden International Circus.    There will be two performances on Sunday, November 17, 2019–one @ 2:30 PM and one @ 6:30 PM.  There is a lot of good information about the Carden Circus on their website —  As we get closer…

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MASKAT *All Star* Contribution Program

The Maskat **All Star** program began in 2013.  It is a yearly program by which a Noble pays $250.00 each year which includes the cost of Circus Noble Tickets, Oil Bowl Noble Tickets, a donation to Maskat’s Hospital Patient Transportation Fund (HPTF), and a Fraternal Donation to Maskat to support the Easter Egg Hunt, Foster…

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As a service to our members, we will now include your Blue Lodge dues on your bank draft for your Shrine dues.  If you would like to put your dues on bank draft, call Donna Hyde at Maskat Office (940-766-4511), and she will work out the details with you.  You can start a bank draft…

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