June 2020

Hello Everybody!!!

Seems like forever since we’ve all seen each other. First off, forget the rumors that this Divan will be held over to
another year, that won’t happen! We were very lucky to get the O.G. Trip, Dueling Pianos and Dinner Theater in.
We had a great year started, then poof!! Everything went to hell. Clown Mid-Winter canceled, Provost Guard Mid-
Winter canceled, Easter Egg Hunt canceled, Maskat Golf Tournament rescheduled, Midget Wrestling postponed,
Corn hole Tournament postponed, Potentate’s Trip postponed, April, May and June State Meetings canceled. A lot of gloom and doom. One major concern was the Oil Bowl, but with regret, we had to cancel the game. We owe Yoshi a lot of thanks for working so hard, but with the Wichita Falls schools closing everything, we had no choice. I almost forgot – TSA and Imperial canceled.

There is a couple of bright things. Gordy’s Golf Tournament was rescheduled and will play on June 19th. Hope everybody can join in. Also, we will have the Corn hole Tournament, which will be announced at a later date. We also have some entertainment coming in August, hopefully we will be able to have him. We all will come out of this and with everybody’s help, we will be back strong.

Even though we won’t have a meeting until September, we will keep everybody informed.

Until next time,


May 2020

Wildcat was not published because of COVID-19.


April 2020

Can you believe it, the first quarter of the year is gone!

First off, I have to say the O.G. Trip went very well. Our first time to stop at Top Golf. It was a blast. Over half the people that went played, so this might be a keeper on this trip. Then on Friday, 16 of us went to the hospital.
This hospital in Shreveport was our first and as of now, the busiest. While the rest of our hospitals are struggling,
Shreveport is “Katy bar the door” busy. Last year they had over 19,000 patients come through the door, 4,600
new patients and performed over 1,000 operations. At the present time, they are trying to put in another operating
room. If we only had a camera when a little girl around 4 ran up and jumped in Kenny’s arms. Try to keep a dry eye after seeing that. The weather was not good for playing golf, so some of us went bowling for 2 days. I hate to say it, but
we might have to find another sport. We had 3 go on injured reserve, but Charles wasn’t one. Oh by the way, Bill survived the trip and did a hell of a job.

Then on February 25th, we had IHOP Day. Charles did a great job on this and he had a lot of help. Thanks to everybody, but as of now, we don’t have a total.

Now for March, we had too much fun at Dueling Pianos. We had a good turnout and for anybody who missed it – wow!!  Everybody was saying this was the most fun we have had at Maskat in 20 years. Terry Martin said if you didn’t have fun tonight there is no hope for you to ever have fun! The next week, the Rider High School Theater performed
a very informative production of how hard it was for women to gain equal rights. Most of us have no idea of what women have overcome. After talking to Beverly Sloan, I had no idea that women couldn’t get an FHA loan for a house until 1970. Think about that!

Now one of our most important event happens on April17th – the Maskat Golf Tournament. Please come out and just enjoy and help or even play. It doesn’t matter whether you play (most of us can’t) or not, it’s just a fun time. Gordy and his bunch put on a hell of a party. Almost everybody that comes out wins something.

As of now, we are up in the air about minature wresting. We were going to have the event, but as of now we have decided to wait until later on in the year. A competing company is coming to town a few weeks before our event and they want to wait until later on in the year.

Well I think that is just about all for now. Just be safe and keep washing your hands.

Until next time,


March 2020

Here we go!  March is already here!  After a great January, February was even better!  First, we had a great Super Bowl Party to start the month out right.  There were plenty of prizes given away, boards and silent auctions.  There was a huge turn-out for the Cornhole Tournament, thanks to Illustrious Steve Harris.  And there was the first Pool Tournament, thanks to Illustrious Charles Dean.  I think this will grow into something big!  We had other events planned but ran out of time.

The Divan headed to Dallas on February 6th for Mid-Winter.  There was discussion on lots of topics.  We were updated on our hospitals.  As we all know, the Houston Hospital and the Galveston Hospital are being consolidated, along with many others.  One hospital is being down-sized from 9 floors to two.  There is planning under way to make our hospitals more efficient.  Also, for the first time, our membership is under 250,000.  Eye opener!

Stated meeting was on the 11th of February, followed by 3rd Thursday a week early because we were leaving on the 3rd Thursday for Shreveport.  Happy Hour had a big turn-out. We played pool and Steve put Cornhole into play.  This year there will be a Cornhole Tournament at the Imperial Session.  It would be nice to put a team together to compete.  I mean compete, not just show up!!!  If we keep having people show up to Happy Hour, this Temple will grow!  This was Calvin’s baby, let’s keep it going!

Now on to the OG Trip.  I cannot report what transpired yet; but you know something wild had to happen!   I hope that OG Bill Hammack survives!!  We are going to the Shreveport Hospital on Friday of the trip.  No matter how many times you go, its amazing what they can do for the patients.  After that, everyone scatters.  Some go to church, some golf and some go bowling.  I can’t wait to see what happens this time!

Back home, and IHOP day was on the 25th.  I hope everybody came to help out.  A big thanks to Charles and Greg for handling this.  Oh, by the way, just a quick reminder that on March 6 is the Dueling Pianos and March 13 is the Dinner Theater put on by Rider High School Drama Class. Everybody is welcome to these events!  Let’s all get together and participate in these events!

Clown Mid-Winter is March 19-21 in Wichita Falls.  Provost Guard goes to Abilene for their Mid-winter on March 27-28.

Until next time,

Bing Miller, Potentate
Maskat Shrine


February 2020

Wow!  I can’t believe it’s my year!  I take it back, it’s OUR year!  I know all of the Past Potentates have said the same thing; when I am Potentate, I’m going to do this and change that.  But honestly, you can only do so much.  I promise one thing; we will have fun!  The four Potentates before me have all been great and I have learned from all of them, so thank you for that.  I also want to thank my wife, Jody for all of the support and hard work she has given the last four years.  Pray for her, one more year!!

The Provost Guard also deserves a big thanks for taking over the maintenance of the building and lawn at Maskat.  A very special thanks goes out to Paul Foley for the road behind the Temple.  What a great friend we have in Paul.

Now onto upcoming events.  Installation was January 14 and we had good crowd and a lot of fun.  Steve Harris gave special recognition to several people that was well deserved.  We started Calvin’s main contribution of third Thursday on the 16th (Happy Hour).  After decorating on the 23rd of January, we had the Potentate’s Casino Ball on the 25th.  I hope everyone had a good time!  Now we are moving on to February.   One of the most fun events we have is the Super Bowl party on the February 2nd.  This year should be better than ever with more events during the game.  We plan on having a Pool Tournament (Charles Dean), Corn-Hole Tournament (Steve Harris) and all of the football boards (Bill Hammack).  Then on to serious business; the Divan will be heading to Dallas for our Mid-Winter on February 6th – 8th.  The O.G. Trip is February 20th – 23rd.  Gambling, golf, fellowship and ending with the 3rd Annual Charles Dean Bowling Tournament.  IHOP day is February 25th.  We are hoping for a big turnout from Nobles for this.  Wow, I am tired already!

Thanks everyone and as P.P. Steve Harris would say:  let’s get-er-done!!!

Yours in the faith,
Bing Miller, 2020 Maskat Potentate


January 2020

As I sit and think about the last five years, I remember something that a past potentate told me
on the night that I became Oriental Guide …. He said to not worry, the next five years will be past
you before you know it. At the time, looking forward, the next five years as a Divan member
seemed like an eternity. However, he was correct. …. 5 years have come and gone very quickly.
I can’t even begin to thank everyone individually, who have helped and supported our Divan
over the past 5 years. Maskat Temple is truly amazing. No matter the challenge, Maskat steps
up to the plate and makes it work. And, this has been most evident over this past year as I
proudly served as TSA President and Potentate for Maskat Temple.

My Potentate year has been incredible. Our members have supported Sheryl and I through
thick and thin. We started the year off with a very fun and successful Harris Hoe Down that
seemed to set the tone for the rest of the year. We ended the year with a successful steak
cookoff, circus, turkey cook, Harris Hoe Down Too, and a wonderful foster kids Christmas.

At our last Stated Meeting, a new Divan was elected and the officers will be installed in January.
Our future looks very bright as Bing steps into his Potentate year with a new Divan.

As we are in the middle of the Christmas and holiday season, it is time to ponder further the
blessings bestowed upon us. For us at Maskat Shrine, it has been an honor to serve our
members, watching so many active members and family produce those glowing smiles upon
wonderous youth as we do the things that we do in order to help the children in North Texas.
The social time that we spend with our brethren is very rewarding. It is crucial that we continue
to mingle amongst each other and the community, knowing that we are positively affecting so
many lives and providing our members with the personal tools we all need to continue to
succeed in every endeavor. For a life without service is not much of a life.

As Masons and Shriners, it is the least of our duties to relate to and encourage each other, as
well as showing the first time Shrine-Mason the ropes, as it enhances the experience and
makes us proud of the excellent work upon our trestle board, for strong lifelong social
friendships are the wages of a Shrine Mason.

Sheryl and I are humbled by those who have assisted us during this year. As the sun now sets
low upon the year’s horizon, Lady Sheryl, the kids, and this lonely sojourner would like to thank
all of you. This 2019, as your 99th Potentate of Maskat Temple and First Lady, has been an
inspiration, and when looking back to this time last year, it was indeed the most magnificent gift
of all. May this Christmas with the year forthcoming be memorable, and may the New Year
bring each of you long-lasting joy and health.

Yours in faith,
Steve C. Harris
2019 Potentate Maskat Shrine