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Recorder’s Corner

January 2018

FIRST OF ALL, Happy New Year and welcome to 2018!  Jeff and Bree Gainer have had a great year, and as things always go, they graciously stepped to the side to allow Calvin and Judy Carlton to assume the helm.  Calvin Carlton will be officially installed as Illustrious Potentate of Maskat Temple at our January Stated Meeting on January 9, 2018. The meeting time will be changed, we will have our regular tiled Stated Meeting at 6:30pm, then bring the Ladies in for the meal, followed by the Installation of Officers and a reception.

We had Officer Elections at Stated Meeting in December, and the slate looks a little different this year. Chief Rabban Calvin Carlton was elected to replace Illustrious Potentate Jeff Gainer, the outgoing Potentate.  Steve Harris became Chief Rabban, Bing Miller was elected Assistant Rabban, Kenny Lemons was elected High Priest and Prophet, and Dooby [Glen] Fox was elected Oriental Guide.  P.P. Mark Reed will remain Treasurer, and P.P. John Tunnell will still be Recorder, by vote of the Nobility. P.P. Charles Oldham was reelected to another two year term on the Financial Advisory Board, as was Bob Hamblin. P.P. Greg Stockton and Noble Bill Yates have one more year remaining on their terms on the Financial Advisory Board.

The Potentate’s Ball, Honoring Potentate Calvin Carlton and Lady Judy, is scheduled for Saturday January 27.  Super Bowl, and you know Shriners, any excuse for a party, will be Sunday, February 4, 2018. If that’s not a good excuse for a Party, I don’t know what would qualify!  This year, Divan Midwinter will be in Corpus Christi February 8-10.  Divan /Units Council will meet on Monday, February 12, and Stated Meeting is February 13th.  Don’t forget to sign up for the O.G. Trip which begins Thursday February 22-25 in Shreveport, Louisiana.  We will tour the Shriners Hospital there Friday, and O.G. Dooby Fox will serve everyone on the bus libations and sandwiches all the way to Shreveport and back!

Jennifer and I attended the Christmas Tree Lighting at Shriners Hospital For Children in Houston on Friday, December 1, followed by full Board Meeting Saturday Morning and Christmas Party that night.  In addition to our regular patients at the tree lighting ceremony, many former patients and their families were present. Also several Shrine Dignitaries were in attendance.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the celebration.

As I was finishing this column today, I got an email that a great Maskat Shriner, Noble Walt Johnston, passed away yesterday. May he Rest In Peace.  To my knowledge, that is our only death for December thus far.

Thanks for being Shriners, Gentlemen, and thank you Ladies for helping us be better men and Shriners!

For the Children,
John Tunnell, P.P. Recorder