2010 Potentate Messages

December 2010

Season Greetings Nobles and Ladies,

We just finished our annual Circus by George Carden, and it appeared that all four performances were attended by larger than average crowds.  Six bicycles were given away at each performance — thanks to Walmart and Mike Ledue.  We again served a dinner and lunch for the performers and workers.  Please tell Terry and Roma Martin, Mike Knox, our cooks, the ladies who brought food for the event, and the many volunteer workers how much you enjoyed everything.  A big thank you goes out to all of you nobles who purchased your circus tickets; this helps keep our doors open.  All in all, it was a good time for everyone who helped put this on and those who attended the circus.

The December stated meeting is also election night.  All of the Divan is up for election along with the opening for the new Oriental Guide and Treasurer.  We have two announced candidates for Oriental Guide (Bill Yates and Charles Dean) and one for Treasurer (Greg Stockton).

Our Treasurer Emeritus Jimmie Holland has submitted his resignation due to health reasons.  Jimmie and his experience will be greatly missed on the Divan.  Thank you Jimmie for all you have done for Maskat; we hope to see you at the meetings.

Our Fall Ceremonial was well attended by Shriners and their Ladies.  Our Director’s Staff put on an updated Maskat Arch Ceremonial after which a dinner was served.  I think our four candidates and their ladies were pleased by the program and turn out of Shriners.

The Foster Kids Christmas Party is December 13 at 7:00 P.M..  Please put this event on your calendar; it is a heart-warming experience.

Maskat Christmas Part is December 16, at 6:30 P.M. at the Temple.  The Rider High School Orchestra will be perfoming seasonal selections.  A dinner will b e served during the performance.

Winnie and I wish each and everyone of you a wonderful holiday season.

Bob Hamblin, Potentate


November 2010

Dear Nobles and Ladies,

The circus is coming! The circus is coming! Mommy Can I go? Daddy Can I go?

We hope these are the excited cries of children all over town.  Our circus will be here before you know it.  November 6th and 7th.  We will have two performances each day–Saturday at 3:00 and 7:00 PM; Sunday at 2:00 and 6:00 PM.  Hopefully, everyone has signed up to volunteer for jobs.  Please remember to purchase your Noble Tickets as this is our single largest source of revenue for the Shrine.  The other source of income for us is the sale of our famous coloring book.  Hope to see a sea of fezzes in the crowd Saturday and Sunday.

Our Fall Ceremonial is scheduled for November 13 at 3:00 PM.  This ceremonial is held to bring our new members fully into the Shrine experience.  I encourage all of our new members this past year and their families to attend; this will help your family to learn more about Masonry and Shrine.  I also invite all of our Shriners to attend and see the new and improved Ceremonial–I think you will like it.

Tis the season to volunteer.  I wonder who will step forward this year to run for Oriental Guide.  I hope several of you will give it some serious thought.  We need your expertise and leadership to keep going forward.


Bob Hamblin, Potentate


October 2010

Dear Nobles and Ladies

We had two small successful fund raisers this month.  The was was our Sporting Clay Shoot held at the North Texas Field and Stream facility North of the city.  This was our first attempt at putting one of thse on, and it was well received.  We had about 50 shooters participate, and thety all seemed to be having fun.  Thanks to Poney Thompson and all the people he had helping him.

Our next fund raiser was our Shrine Garage sale.  We had lots ofr “stuff” donated by our members.  Edgar Shockley did a great job of organizing and putting on the sale.  Thanks to all of you that helped with this event with special mention to Gordon and Patsy Bird.

Don’t forget that our Provost Guard Fall Invitational pistol shoot is upon us this October 1st and 2nd at Hatton Road land.  I hope you can come out and support our fellow Shriners.  We will have shooters from all over the state here and should be a lot of fun.

Next month we will have our Circus and Fall Ceremonial.  Mike Knox, our Circus Chairman, has started calling folks for help for the November 6 and 7 Circus.  Kirby Pacheco is also deep into preparation for the Fall Ceremonial–November 13th.  If you want to be involved and help, please call Mike or Kirby or Maskat’s Office.  I think being involved with our activities is what makes being a Shriner fun.

To help keep being a Shriner fun, Football Sundays have started up in the Oasis.  The Oasis will be open from 12:00 Noon to 6:00 PM on Sundays.  Come out, bring a friend and a snack you can share, and watch the games with your friends.  This is open to everyone, including non-Shriners.

The Gun Raffle fund raiser still needs you to help sell or buy your tickets.  You can call our office (766-4511) and purchase them with your credit card.  You may also check out tickets to sell from our office folks.  For more information visit Maskat’s website (www.maskatshrine.com) and click the Gun Raffle link on the home page.  This is the money that helps keep our doors open .

We have our Units’ Council meeting October 6th and our Stated Meeting the 12th.


Bob Hamblin, Potentae


September 2010

Dear Nobles and Ladies,

Our dark months are past and our regular stated meetings will resume September 14th. Boy did that go fast or what???
Our Units Council meeting on the 8th is open to all who want to come.

I want to thank every one of the 96 people who went on my Potentate’s trip for making the trip to Laughlin so successful. I had a blast and hope you did also. The casinos were lively; the golf was great; the trip down the Colorado River to London Bridge was a lot of fun; the evening cruise on the river went well; we did not run out of drinks; and the weather was cooler than Wichita Falls – who could have asked for anything better. Special thanks to Ronnie and Colleen James for making it happen.

On August 21st we held our first Masonic Family Fish Fry at our new pavilion on Hatton road. We had a lot of folks show up, but not sure how many were Masons and not also Shriners. Thanks to Alan Donaldson and Brad Rogers for getting this event started and off the ground — thanks to Greg Stockton, Terry Martin, and Chase Fenoglio for the food preparation. We now have something to grow on for next year.

Coming events are:
September 18th – Shrine Garage sale at our building. Please bring things for the sale as soon as you can, time is short. There is storage in the out building behind the Shrine; see Conner.
September 11th – Sporting Clay shoot at the North Texas Field and Stream facility.
October 1st and 2nd – The Provost Guard will Host the Fall Invitational pistol shoot at our range on Hatton Road for Kiva of Amarillo.
October 9th – we are scheduled to have our Fall Ceremonial, for our new members.

We have not had Shrinefest yet, but I am confident it went well. We have a well-organized and experienced group of people putting it on under the direction of Mark Terry and others. I will not attempt to list all the folks that put this on as I am sure to leave someone out. I am anxious to get out there and see the show. I hope you are too.

I want to remind everyone we still have tickets to sell for our Gun Raffle. I will have a table set up at our September meeting so you can purchase tickets and/or check out tickets to sell later.

Bob Hamblin, Potentate



August 2010 

Dear Nobles and Ladies,

August is upon us with all its heat and activities.  Travelers on the Potentate’s Trip will leave Wichita Falls for Laughlin, Nevada, on August 8 and will return on August 12.  We have 99 people signed up and ready to fly out to Laughlin to have fun boating, playing in the casino, golfing, and seeing the sun set in the West on our riverboat cruise.

Our Divan sent five members to Toronto for the Imperial Session.  This was a standard session in that we elected a candidate for Outer Guard to join the Imperial line and to eventually become Imperial Potentate.  What was new?  John Tunnell received his Emeritus designation at this Imperial Session.  We also now have Puerto Rico and the Phillippines as full-fledged members of the Shrine and expect Germany to be fully admitted next year.  We truly are becoming international.

We have two main fund raisers this year, Shrinefest and the Gun Raffle.  We need both to be successful if we are to meet our budget this year.  Our largest fund raiser this year (Shrinefest) is going great so far.  The planning committees are meeting, and the volunteers are lining up for jobs that need to be done.  The band contracts have been signed.

Our Gun Raffle is not going nearly as well because sales are lagging.  We need your help in supporting this raffle as this is the second-largest money producer for our budget this year.  If you have not purchased a ticket or two, we really need you to step up and buy one.  This is the money that is keeping our doors open.  Please see Donna, Conner, or any Divan member to purchase a ticket.  Call some friends out side of the Shrine–see if they will help you sell some  tickets.  We can check the tickets out to you.

Yours in Faith,

Bob Hamblin, Potentate


July 2010

Dear Nobles and Ladies,

We had a football game this year!  The Oil Bowl game was a close contest this year with Texas winning 13 to 12.  I have not heard the financial results as of this date; but, it looks like we will be able to give some money to the charities this year.  I sure wish we could have seen more  Shriners at the game.

Rainbow Girls are in the midst of their Grand Assembly at the Howard Johnson Hotel as I write this.  This is the second time in Wichita Falls History that it has been held here.  I heard some very good comments on how well the event was progressing, and the decorations were beautiful.  They are also holding their main events at the MPEC.  Wanda Holland has done a great job getting this event put together.

TSA in Fort Worth was a fun deal.  For a “small” Temple we sure seem to get our name out in front of all the other Temples.  Our units won a buch of awards and trophies! Congratulations to all of the participating units.  And our ladies out did themselfes at the Omni pool–with the temperature near 100 degrees, they did the only sensible thing they could do and camped out by the pool.  We noticed the balconies above were full of Shriners looking down to the pool.  Well duh….

Shrinefest is just around the corner.  The planning meetings are in full swing for the event.  I am sure it won’t be long before you are asked to in some capacity.  This is our largest fund raiser for the Temple, so I hope you can help out when called upon.

During the first week in July, most of the Divan will be in Toronto for the Imperial Session.

Hope you are having a great summer.


Bob Hamblin, Potentate


June 2010

Dear Nobles and Ladies,

OK, now that we have had a SHORT rest this month, so to speak,  its time for us to think about what lays in front of us.

June is a busy month as I mentioned last month in my Potentate’s message.  We need lots of volunteers for the many things we have going on in June.  I hope you have decided what events you would like to help out with and have signed up for them or will soon.

If you don’t know what you want to help with, I will list the events in the order they are scheduled to take place:

TSA in Fort Worth first week in June 2-5

Oil Bowl the second week in June — the game on Saturday the 12th this is a big  family event, so bring everybody.

Shrinefest Shootout the third Saturday in June on the 19th at the Hatton Rd land. This is a hospital fund raiser.

Rainbow Grand Assembly at Maskat the fourth week in June 23rd-27th

Good grief!  Could things be any more busy? ……. Well there is August coming up.

The new pavilion out at the land is coming along and should be ready for the Shrinefest Shootout.

Remember Monday the 7th is our Units Council meeting. I hope you can make the meeting.

Yours in the Faith

Bob Hamblin, Potentate

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