2015 Potentate’s Message

December 2015

Fellow Nobles

Well, here it is November and everything seems to be coming to a head and things are being prepared for your new Potentate, Bruce Urban.  Right now we are short one on the Divan for next year and are expecting someone to step up and accept the responsibility.  We have many qualified young nobles in our temple and I sincerely hope one will see their way clear to accept the job.  If you wish to run for Oriental Guide for next year either let one of the Divan know or your intentions or step forward at our next stated meeting and let us know your intentions.  You will not be disappointed in serving your temple.  As for myself it has been a wonderful five years and has flown by as predicted by my predecessors.

A lot of great things have happened this year and that we can be proud of.  A new cooker was purchased by several individuals and will serve our needs for years to come.  We have erected a smoking area just off the bar to serve the needs of our nobles.  A new roof was installed and hopefully won’t leak.  Still crossing my fingers.  The clowns have acquired a Jalopy and won several awards, and the Provost Guard continues to grow and collect trophies.  Convee is moving along and is being requested by many local parades and the big one at International in Houston.  Golf Unit is still trying to learn how to keep score, and we hope next year will be a big one for us.  Shotgun unit participated in many shoots this year collecting several trophies and having a lot of fun.  Wild Fez unit as always is out causing havoc and fun wherever they go.  Weather did not accommodate them this year or we would have seen more.    There is always next year and don’t forget we have a Sheriff on our side in case of trouble.  We need more members in the Temple Guard and Legion of Honor so if you can, think about joining and supporting their cause.  Directors unit put on a great ceremonial with a record number attending and as always a great meal.  In all we should be proud of everything each unit accomplished and give them all the support we  can.

While we lost several old members to the Black Camel we did gain several more to take their place.  I bet we will see a lot out of these new nobles so wish them well and give them the good support I know you are capable of.

Our last large event was the Fall Gala which was sponsored by Mark & Deeann Reed along with Roma Martin.  Big Chicken and his crew of Terry Martin, Chuck Hawthorne plus many others cooked ribs to serve and sell.  The ribs and all the fixings were wonderful.  Thanks again for the effort you guys put out for the temple.  Don’t have the figures yet but I know they will be great.  It was a full house and I understand it was early morning before the party was over.  Thanks to all who assisted in putting this together and donating merchandise for the live and silent auction.  Ed Hall did a great job as usual and I think he sold me a couple of things without me even bidding.  He and I will work that out later.  Thanks again Mark, Deeann, and Roma for a job well done.

Things to remember:  Shop for Foster Children on November 29th and the Christmas Party on the 30th.

Temple Christmas Party on December 10th.
Several unit parties are planned.
Christmas Day the 25th of December.

Just one more month and Billy will not have to remind me to submit this message as he has had to do 11 times this year.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Charles Dean


November 2015

Fellow Nobles:

Can you believe this year is winding down so fast.  It seems that the Potentate’s Ball was just last week and I am still trying to get over it.  This has been quite a year and there is more to come so we need everyone’s support to make it a great closing.

If you missed the Dead Cow this year you really missed a fun time.  We had a lot of cooks, horseshoes, and fellowship which was enjoyed by all.  Scott McNeely and his crew did a wonderful job in setting things up and making sure all went well.  Thanks to all who participated in the event.  Myself along with several others judged the Beans, Ribs, Chicken and Brisket.  This was quite an experience.  Everyone should try it as least once.  According to Scott next year is going to be even bigger and better with several additional events.  I can’t wait to see what they come up with.

We have several events coming up to wind up the year.  Starting with the Ceremonial on October 30th, GALA on the 14th of November, decorate the Temple for Christmas on November 11nd, Foster Kids Christmas November 29th and 30th, Christmas Temple Dinner (date to be announced).  Let’s all chip in and make these events memorable and fun.  Mark Reed is still looking for articles to either life auction or silent auction so if you have anything or know of anyone that would assist us please get in touch with Mark Reed or Roma Martin.

In closing, I want to thank all the nobles in making this a great year.  Deanna and I appreciate each of you and your support.

Charles Dean


October 2015

Dear Nobles:

We are about to begin our last quarter of the year and what a year it has been.  Your Potenate is well and back in  the saddle ready to take on whatever may come my way.  A special note of thanks from Deanna and myself for all the support and prayers that you have sent our way, not only the past month but all year long.  I could not have gotten this far without you and just wanted you to know how much each of you is appreciated.

By the time you receive this, the Circus and Chili Cook Off will have come and gone.  For those who could not attend, your Potentate won 10th place Chili–funny there were only 9 cooks.  Mine was called “Ghost” chili since it was pure phantomistic but appreciated.  Thanks to Chuck Hawthorne for the work he and his team put forth to make this work.  The Circus showed a great turnout of nobles to help sell color books to the sparse crowd on Tuesday night but a better one on Wednesday.  Figures are not in yet on how we did but those will be reported in next month’s edition.  We are working on making next year’s circus bigger and better and I know the crew will appreciate all the support you can give them.  Mike Knox and his rowdy bunch cooked pulled port and chicken on Tuesday with hamburgers on Wednesday.  The food was so great that we received a special thank you speech from the ring master and requested that we follow them to the next town and do it again.  There were no takers but the speech was greatly appreciated.  Thanks Mike for a job well done.

Coming up on our calendar will be the Dead Cow Cook Off on October 9th and 10th and Gala on the 14th of November.  A lot of work has gone into these events and I know we can count on each of you to support the teams that are putting them together.  More on each of these to come later.

In closing, I would like to thank all of you again for the support and love each has shown.  We are looking forward to the last quarter and all the excitement I know it will bring.

Your Wellness,
Charles Dean


September 2015

Potentate was in hospital.  No message.


August 2015

Well Good Nobles:

Here we are nearing the end of the year, and I have considered it a great year.  We have accomplished a lot of projects and still have several on the board to complete.

The Oil Bowl went off well with many fans attending.  We don’t have the exact number of the amount of funds received yet but I guarantee you Donna is working hard on this; and, hopefully we will have it before stated meeting in September.  Completion of the smoking area is nearing completion and should be done before the meeting in September ; and, even though we were pushed into this decision, I think it will be a good one.  The Oasis will be smoke free before long, but that date has not been set.  Our new cooker is coming along, and we plan on using it at the membership dinner in August.  More to come on that.

If you missed the Imperial Session in Houston, it was a great time.  Many decisions were made to get our finances in order such as a $15 increase in our Per Capita Temple Dues.  This is necessary to keep our organization alive.  There will be a presentation at our stated meeting so you should attend to see how it may affect our local dues.  Our units were the talk of the parade.  With the Calliope, Big Drum and Cadillacs, things went over very well.

In the near future, we will have sessions such as the Potentate’s Trip, Dead Dow Cook, and Chili Cook.  Those will be discussed in detail as they come up so pay attention.  We need all the help we can get to make these big events.  In closing I would like to say that Deanna and I have donated a new poker table so that I will spill no further drinks.  And I want to thank all that have stepped up and helped us in our current position.  You are true friends.

Until next time.

  Yours Truly!
Charles Dean, Potentate 2015


June 2015

Dear Nobles:

Well it is that time again to update where we are and where we are going.  The next few months are very busy with trips and events so pitch in and assist those trying to make things happen.

Where we have been:  The Hospital Golf Tournament went off  without a hitch.  We found a 5-hour window of time to get the tournament in with no injuries.  Turnout was good and everyone seemed to have a good time.  We are able to send over $15,000 to the hospitals.

If you  were not present at the Dinner & Comedian show you really missed a great event.  Randy Riddle did a great job with his Nostalgia show.  All appeared to really enjoy the food prepared by Golden Chick.  Be sure to keep in mind we might do this again next year, so make preparations to attend.

Coming Events: TSA in Corpus Christi will be held June 3 rd thru June 6 th.  Our units will be competing and should bring back trophies for us to share. The Oil Bowl will be June 9 th thru 13 th.  Gary and Yoshe are working hard to make this event successful.  Sherry Blevins is in control of the food in feeding these young men.  We can always use help in serving and making preparations. We have on the agenda Imperial in Houston July 4 th thru 9 th.  This should be a really good time; and, since it is in Houston, there should be good attendance by our Nobles.  Make your plans now.  Chili Cook at P-2 will be held on September 19 th and is always a good time.  This year it is a Temple Event so please bring your chili and let’s have fun and fellowship.  More to come on this from our Master Cook, Chuck Hawthorne .  Dead Cow Cookoff is October 9 th and this year will be sanctioned.  I understand several cooks have already signed up.  This is also a Temple Event.

Due to the new city ordinance concerning smoking, we are planning  a smoking area on the south side of the Temple to accommodate their needs.  Hopefully, this will be completed before the end of the year.  You have noticed several ceiling leaks, and we have the roofing contractor working on why our new roof is leaking.  Ceiling tiles will be replaced before the Oil Bowl and hopefully the leaks repaired . Potentates Trip is August 10 th thru 15 th.  More details to come later. In closing I would like to thank all the nobles that came to aid Terry and Roma in moving their furniture due to the pending flood.  That is just Shriners helping one another in dire needs.

On a sad note June Anderson,Beverly Bumgardner’s mother, passed away.  Our condolences go to the family.

That’s it for this month.  Blessings to all and let’s have a great six months.

Your Friend and Fellow Noble
Charles Dean, Potentate


May 2015

Brother Nobles

Can you believe that half of the  year is nearly here and we have so much going on? Most mid-winter meetings are over; and, as always, Maskat has come away with trophies. Our clowns did well placing in a couple of events as did our Shotgun and Provost Guard Units. Congratulations to all our units that participated.

Our calliope is back from being refurbished and we are anxiously awaiting a reason to use it. Seems like transporting and storing are the only two things left to do. Thanks to Sonny and all that jumped in and made things happen. That is just the way we do things around Maskat Temple.

On the horizon is TSA in Corpus Christi, Imperial in Houston and Potentate Trip in Ruidoso. Hope all have their calendars marked because things are going to be hopping the next couple of months. I will be sending our info shortly on the Ruidoso trip so you can be making your reservations. John Tunnell has us set up for TSA, and I have blocked rooms for Imperial. Our Convee Unit will lead the Imperial parade; Wild Fez will be carrying the big drum; and clowns will have the jalopy in place. I hope it can make it all the way to Houston. It is my understanding that provost and shotgun units will be competing also. Good luck to all of you. By the time you get this message our annual Hospital Golf Tournament will have come and gone and I know it will be a success.

Oil Bowl committee has been completing plans for this year’s Texas vs Texas game. Should be a thriller from what I am told. We need to get out and sell as many tickets as we can to support the team. Gary Hill, Yoshee and Bruce have been working hard getting things put together so let’s all get out and support their efforts. Other events to make note of is the upcoming “Dead Cow” cook and “Chili” cook a little later in the year. Be sure to attend as these are Temple Fundraisers and we need all the support we can get.

On a closing note thanks to all the Nobles that participated in purchasing the new cooker we have. If you haven’t seen it, go out back and take a look. It is a monster cooker that is going to allow us to do some of our own cooks making a few more extra dollars for our Temple. Also in the near future we will have a smoking area attached to the Oasis so we will follow the rules set up by our good civic fathers. We don’t want to be outlaws??

Well, that’s it for this month. Or as “Porky Pig” would say

Badup Badup “That’s all folks.

Your Friend and Fellow Noble
Charles Dean, Potentate


April 2015

Fellow Nobles:

Another month has passed and time is flying by.  We are about to go into one of our busiest times of the year with Mid-Winter Sessions, TSA and Imperial.  You will hear more about each in the following months.

TSA Registration is contained in this mailing and must be filled out and given to Donna Hyde as soon as possible if you plan on attending the session in Corpus Christi.  The session is being held June 4 -6 and sounds like it is going to be a great time for all.

Imperial Session is being held in Houston July 5th thru the 9th.  This will be a great session and the Imperial Potentate will be one of our own Imperial Sir Jerry Gant.  He has lots of great things planned for us to do.  The parade will be led by our own Convee Unit with the Big Drum being pulled by the Wild Fez Unit.  More to come later as far as registration, etc.  We have 30 rooms blocked at the Embassy Suites which is across the street from George R. Brown Center where all the competitions except Golf and Shot Gun will be held.  Our contact for registration at the hotel is Shondra Ladd, 713-739-9100 or Shondra.Ladd@hilton.com.

We made it back from the OG trip just fine with all intact. Needless to say the ride back was a lot more quiet then going.  That shows just how much fun we all had in Shreveport.  After a tour of the hospital some of the brave ones made a trip to Hooters where we tasted some of the hottest wings on earth and had our picture made with the girls.  What a great time.

There were a few dummies that decided to play in the cold and rain.  Won’t mention their names but one of them clucks when he walks and has to stay clear of Roosters.  They said it did not rain on them but you know the story about turkeys.  “They don’t know when to come out of the rain and drown looking up”.

Festivities ended Saturday night with everyone attending a food feast at Ralph & Kacoo’s. Everything turned out well, all seemed to have a good time.

Don’t forget the upcoming events this year. Golf Tournament, Scavenger Hunt, Catfish and Comedian, Nocona Party, Gala and more.

Always let the Divan know if you have ideas on how to improve our operations and civic exposure.  We have a small Temple and need everyone’s help.  We can get it done.

Your Friend and Fellow Noble
Charles Dean, Potentate


March 2015

Fellow Nobles,

By the time you read this our new OG, Steve Harris, will have walked to Shreveport.  Hope we don’t leave him there, but maybe we should.  More to come later depending on his actions.

Your Divan attended the Mid-Winter session in El Paso and all went very well.  The conference was directed at membership and finances as these two topics are on everyone’s mind.  There were many Imperials present and brought us news from their side of things.  Some very heated comments that shows how passionate everyone is.  We have a great membership team in Grant Haggart and Sam McPherson.  I expect to see a lot of these guys this year.  They need all of the support we can give them. Last year we qualified for a Silver Temple and would have been gold had not the Black Camel visited us in the last week of the year. We were challenged by El Maida next year for new growth.  Each Divan member including the Past Potentate has promised $100 to the winning Temple.  Please do all you can to rise up to the challenge as I really can’t afford to lose.

TSA and Imperial are just around the corner so be preparing your units for the trips.  We have promised Cadillac’s for the parade and the Convee has agreed.  This is a large under taking for them and very much appreciated.  At Imperial this year there will be competition.  The competition will be set up and run by the state associations so get with your leaders and make your plans accordingly.  TSA is in Corpus Christi and Imperial is in Houston.  More to come on both events.

In closing just want to say how proud I am being your Potentate.  Just attended the Potentate’s Ball at Hella for my good friend Bobby Caldwell.  Heard a lot of good things about Maskat and how we operate.  Thanks to all for your support.  It is very much appreciated.

Your Friend and Fellow Noble
Charles Dean, Potentate


February 2015


Here it is first of the year and things are already hopping.  It is going to be awfully tough following Dru and Debbie’s year as they did a wonderful job.  Thanks to both for a great year ans assisting me in setting up things for this year.

The year started off with a great New Year’s Party which saw us not losing anyone and all had a great time.  We followed that with the Potentate’s Ball which was handled brilliantly by Susie Thompson and Jennifer Tunnell plus their crew of women. I will personally be thanking all of them, just don’t have enough room on this page, but thanks to all who participated.  Little Brother did a great job as Master of Ceremonies, and Bob Hampton, as always, is a master of history and trivia.  Great turnout and can you believe the quality of the food prepared by Greg and Cathy Stockton.  I thought we were in a grand ball room in New York City.  Thanks to Greg & Cathy for all they did in the 12 plus hours that were spent preparing the food.

We have several events planned this year that you will want to put on your calendars; dates of each will follow.  In February we have the Divan Mid-Winter in El Paso and the OG Trip to Shreveport; June  TSA in Corpus Christi; July finds us at Imperial in Houston; followed in August by the Potentate’s Trip to Ruidoso, Dead Cow Cook and Chili Extrqavaganza.  In between all of this is countless unit mid-winters, so you can see we will have a very busy year.  It is my hope that all can attend these events and have a great time.

I want to thank all of you for the support that Deanna and I have received.  We are looking forward to the year and being with each and every one of you.

Your Friend and Fellow Noble,
Charles Dean, Potentate


January 2015

Well here is my last Wildcat article as Potentate of Maskat Shriners. Debbie and I want to thank everyone for their support and help over the last year. There are so many people to thank I don’t even know where to start. I looked back over my 2014 calendar and thought I would list some of the things that we were able to be a part of during the year.

We started with the Potentate’s Ball on January 18. I had very little to do with this event. Debbie and the Ladies really outdid themselves. I want to thank Jackie Dixon for her tireless effort and the time and energy she devoted in helping Debbie get this thing off the ground. There were so many people that helped out I know I would leave someone out if I started naming names. I would be remiss though if I did not mention the Titalations that came together as a group to perform for the first time. Also thank you to the Dictations and Blues Brothers for coming out of retirement for and unforgettable performance. Thank you ladies and gentlemen.

In February, the Divan traveled to Tyler for Divan Mid-Winter. That was followed by our annual Oriental Guide Trip to Shreveport near the end of the month. As always we had a great time on that trip.

In March, the Divan traveled to Oklahoma City to attend India Temple’s Potentate Ball. The only problem we had on that trip was the ice and snow.

In April, we had the Maskat Shrine Hospital Golf Scramble. Thank you to everyone that helped out with this event. It just gets better every year.

In June we attended TSA in Mesquite. The very next week was Oil Bowl Week.

In July we attended the Imperial Session in Minneapolis. In August we had the Potentate’s Trip followed by the Circus in September and the P2 Chili Cook-Off in October. Now we are getting ready for the New Year’s Eve Party at the Shrine.

As you can see there is always something going in the Shrine. This does not even mention the various Mid-Winters, Fall Invitational’s, unit parties, etc.

I want to thank the Divan for their support and encouragement this year. I also want to welcome Bing Miller as our new Oriental Guide for 2015. Congratulations and best wishes to Charles and Deanna Dean as they assume their duties as Potentate and First Lady for 2015. Let’s do all we can to support them and make 2015 a great year for Maskat.

Again Debbie and I thank you for your support and encouragement over the past year. We could not have done it without you.

Dru Landrum, Potentate