2016 Potentate’s Message

December 2016


Since the last Wildcat was published things have been pretty busy around Maskat! Our Fall Ceremonial was well attended. I would like to thank everyone who prepared and/or participated in making it a great success. I believe each of our new Nobles in attendance received New Insight into the meaning of being a Shriner.

Following Ceremonial was our annual Shrine Circus. Even though we had what seemed to be a dismal turnout, overall we still had as many attend as we have had in the past. However, we did have three performances instead of two as we have had in past years. Again, we had a great turnout by you the Nobles of Maskat Shrine and your Ladies. I can’t say how much I appreciate each of you participating. Even though we didn’t fill the coliseum, we had plenty of volunteers to help with our tasks!

Our Temple is now beautifully decorated in time for Christmas and the Holiday season! Thank you to Lady Jana and ALL the other Ladies and Nobles who helped.  Not only did we get the decorating done, we also watched a good football game afterwards!

The following weekend proved just what being a Shriner and fellowship and hard work can produce. A HUGE thank you to PP Terry Martin and all of the Cooking Unit! Those Nobles spent most of their weekend preparing and cooking ribs for our 4th and final cook of the year. (Dru we couldn’t have done it without you!) So much time and hard work went into this event, as approximately 250 slabs of ribs were cooked and about 50 rib plates served in this final fundraiser for the year. AND of course we watched ANOTHER great football game while we were devouring a great meal!  By the way, there may still be “Racks of Ribs” for sale at Maskat.  Call the office to check on it.

We finally have received a dose of seasonal weather as we move into the Holiday season. Just when we felt that things were finally slowing down a bit, the hustle and bustle of preparing for large family gatherings and the joys of the Christmas Season are upon us. I hope that each of you have Blessed and Joyous Holidays.

December brings us a few scattered events that I believe each of you would really enjoy, and I encourage everyone to attend. On December 4, we will host the Foster Kids Christmas. This event really encompasses the real meaning of the season. To see the joy of all the young children at this event is so very heart warming. December 15 we will have our Maskat Shrine Christmas Dinner beginning at 6:00 pm. We will once again be entertained by the Rider High School Orchestra.

Our last function of 2016 and the first of 2017, will be our New Year’s Eve party.  The Temple doors will open at 7:00 pm; there will be a Champagne Toast at Midnight along with Black-eyed Peas and Cornbread. Hope to see most of you there!

Bruce Urban, Potentate
Maskat Shrine 2016


November 2016


What a great way to start the fall! Even though it was a “little muddy,” we had a great turnout for our Dead Cow BBQ & Chili Cook-off. We had over 60 cooks for the event, most of whom were not members of the Shrine. However, we did have members of the Ardmore Shrine Club that returned for a second year to participate! It was great to see several others, both local and from outside areas, competing in our event. I would like to extend a huge thank you to Scott McNeely, ALL of our sponsors, and all of you who helped in making sure this event succeeded. It is really good to see events that are supported by the public and not just the Nobles of Maskat.

Our own Daughters of the Nile, Shelomi Temple, has had a very busy October.  First, by hosting the Supreme Queen on October 1 and then, two weeks later, hosting Texas Days! Great job Ladies! For those not familiar with Daughters of the Nile (the women’s organization equivalent to us as Shriners), this would  be like Maskat hosting our Imperial Potentate and then two weeks later hosting TSA! It was good to see so many at their event with an attendance in excess of 250 members! Daughters of the Nile are one of the top five donors worldwide to our Shriners Hospitals for Children. It was an honor to see yet another event, hosted by a subsidiary group of Maskat Temple, meet with great success. It once again speaks highly to the fact that a small Temple like Shelomi, with not so many active members, can outperform Temples in larger cities.

November is upon us and so is the Holiday season. The Cowboys are winning (not sure about those “other” teams), deer season is almost here (good luck on a Treasurer’s Report), there will be a wonderful Rib Cook (Thanks in advance PP Terry Martin), and the General Election will be held on the same day as our Stated Meeting (GO VOTE).We will be decorating the Temple for Christmas on Sunday, November 13, beginning at 11:30 am, and it will also be a Football Sunday for both games. Bring a covered dish, wear your favorite team jersey and come enjoy decorating for Christmas, food and fellowship.

The following weekend, again on Sunday, November 20, we will be hosting our last Maskat Cook for the year. However, this is no regular cook; we will be serving Ribs and all the trimmings. This is also a fund raising event for the Temple, so invite all of your friends to attend. This will also be another Football Sunday, and it is an early game, so the meal will be served during halftime. If you know of anyone who would like to purchase a rack of ribs, they can call Terry Martin or the office to place their order. (See advertisement in Wildcat.) If they will not be attending the meal, they can pick up their order any time on Sunday. So if they are having their own football Sunday at home, they can pick them up early enough to warm them up that morning.

As I mentioned before, our Stated Meeting will be on Election Day. We too, have upcoming elections of officers in December. I once again encourage anyone who has not announced their desire to become a member of the 2017 Divan to do so at that time. I would also encourage you to take advantage of your RIGHT, as an American citizen, to VOTE.  EXERCISE THAT RIGHT and go vote on Tuesday, November 8, 2016!

BRUCE URBAN, Potentate
Maskat Shrine 2016


October 2016

Let the FUN begin!

All year you, the Nobility, have supported Maskat without hesitation! You have stepped up to help with all of our Temple Fundraising and Shiners Hospitals Fundraising events. Even though we have struggled through on a tight budget year, we have made one of our largest donations to both Texas Shrine Hospitals in the last 5 years. For all of the hard work you have done to date, I personally want to say THANK YOU!

Now back to the FUN part…….

September Stated Meeting had a great turnout of both Nobles and their Ladies. It was good to see so many in attendance after a long summer. October will be filled with fun events including the Dead Cow BBQ / Chili Cook-off, a golf tournament, Fall Ceremonial, and our Maskat Shrine Circus! We will also see our local Nile Temple host not only the Supreme Queen and but also the Nile Texas Days. And just when we think we have nothing else to do, the holidays are just around the corner!

As we look to the coming months, we also need to look to the future of Makat Shrine and its leadership. I have been both privileged and honored to serve with 8 different Nobles in my 5 years on the Divan, but there is about to be some change. Not only because of end of the year and new elections, but also because of the possibilities of some Nobles stepping down and leaving openings for us to fill. I hope that each of you will take some time over the next few weeks and consider placing your name on the ballot for our upcoming elections.

I am looking forward to seeing each of you over the next several weeks as we prepare for all of the upcoming events. As Maskat has always done, there is no doubt that all of them will be a huge success because of you, the Nobles and Ladies of Maskat Shrine!

Bruce Urban, Potentate
Maskat Shrine 2016


September 2016


Our summer has almost come and gone for the year, but it wasn’t without plenty of small but really great fellowship events! A great Restoration Party, Provost Guard Hamburger Feed for Unit Members, an excellent Fish Fry with homemade ice cream and the First Ever Flyin’ Liver Tune-Up Sporting Clay shoot just to name a few! All together they made for great fellowship and good fundraising opportunities for Maskat Shrine!

Finally, we are starting to seriously think about Fall! The weather is a little cooler, MLB is headed towards the Playoffs, and yes there is even talk of everyone’s favorite football team. Not to mention that in the not-so-distant future, if you want to ask our Treasurer any pressing question(s), you better do so soon! We all know he is a hard man to find anywhere close to civilization past October 1. But also with the Fall comes a lot of FUN FOR EVERYONE!

Beginning with our September 13 Stated Meeting, we will host both a Ladies Night and the Dead Cow BBQ and Chili Cookoff Sign-up Party! Then on Friday, September 16 at 6:00 pm, we will have a Shrine Circus Kickoff Party with FREE food and beverages until they run out! The following weekend, September 23 & 24, Maskat Provost Guard has graciously agreed with Alzafar Temple from San Antonio to hold the Provost Guard Fall Invitational at our Maskat Gun Range. Due to last minute work having to be done at the gun range in the City of San Antonio, Alzafar was left without a range to host the event; and, once again,……….. Maskat has risen to the occasion.

I hope to see ALL of you and your Ladies in the upcoming days! Even though most of us will be involved in the majority of these upcoming events, whether participating or volunteering, come and enjoy the fun and fellowship! We have worked beyond the mid-way point of the year, and things are looking up for Maskat! Now that we have put in all of our hard work, we can look forward to enjoying the great Fall weather and the Brotherhood that we as Masons and Shriners will share for the rest of our lives!

Bruce Urban, Potentate
Maskat Shrine 2016


August 2016


THE HEAT IS ON! Summer has finally arrived; and, even though July and August are normally slow around Maskat Shrine, things are really progressing in a great direction. Thanks to some great work by several of our Nobles, events for the balance of the summer and upcoming fall season are 99.9% complete! Once again, we will be asking for volunteers for each of the events. The best thing about it is that the majority of the events will not start until after October 1, 2016!!!!

I would like to thank Past Potentate Terry Huff for taking my vote to Imperial in Tampa, Florida. Because of unforeseen circumstances, I was unable attend! It was a real disappointment to not be in Tampa as Potentate of Maskat Shrine. However, I am certain that CR Jeff Gainer, Recorder PP John Tunnell, and PP Huff represented our voice in ALL Votes on the Floor.

I am very pleased to announce that OUR Maskat Shrine Oil Bowl was the most successful since the year I was the Oriental Guide in 2012! Congratulations to everyone who worked so tirelessly through the last “several months” to make a most memorable year! ALONE, net profit from this year’s game equaled all our donations to the hospitals in 2015!  Not only that, it also exceeded total combined net income from the 2008 through 2015 games.

In July, we saw a very successful Restoration Dinner! Not only did we have a great turnout, BUT also I honestly think we may gain 2-4 new Nobles (maybe more) in the upcoming months!  I want to thank all of you who attended and ONCE AGAIN enjoyed a great meal cooked by our newest Unit—The Maskat Cooking Unit!!!  Thank you to all of the members who prepared a great meal!

Speaking of cooking . . . . . . August 13 will bring another Cooking Event for EVERYONE!!!!! Not only will it involve a Catfish Dinner and all the Trimmings, but it will also include a HOMEMADE ICE CREAM – FREEZE OFF!!! So bring an appetite and a freezer full of Ice Cream. And, most important of all, bring a friend.

August 20 will be the First Ever, Maskat Shrine – Flyin’ Liver Tune Up! Bring your long gun to the Northwest Field and Stream and shoot some Sporting Clays before Dove Season arrives. There will be two different times to shoot, 9:30 AM and, if there are enough entries, again at 1:30 PM.

The Maskat Shrine Circus Committee and Carden Circus will host a Maskat Circus Kick-Off Party, on Friday, September 16th, beginning at 6:30 PM! There will be a free meal and beverages for everyone!  Not only will there be three performances on a weekend (October 29 and 30), but there will also be a complete circus with all the animals that spectators will expect to see. This IS and always has been a Maskat Temple Fund Raiser. With our new contract, a new circus, and some creative thinking, this year’s circus could also be a great year for our Temple.

Our September 13th Stated Meeting Night will also be LADIES NIGHT/DEAD COW COOKOFF AND CHILI COOKOFF Sign-Up Night! Please bring your Ladies. Beginning at 6:30 PM, you can sign up for duties during this year’s event! Again, this committee has worked very hard to make this event a success and it has already surpassed last year’s expectations.

October will begin with a bang and end the same way, starting with the Dead Cow Cook Off, Nile Texas Days, Maskat Fall Golf Tournament, Fall Ceremonial, and the Circus!  I want to say Thank You in advance to each and every one of you who have already done so much this year. I know that Makat Shrine will come through in helping each Committee Chairman with their event.

Bruce Urban, Potentate
Maskat Shrine 2016


June 2016


First of all, I want to personally thank two of our Nobles:  Gordy Antill and Past Potentate Elvin Dudley.  Thanks to Noble Gordy Anthill for all his hard work in making the Maskat Golf Tournament a success; and, thanks to Past Potentate, Noble Elvin Dudley for all the work he put into reinstating our Onion Sales Fundraiser. Both of these Nobles spent endless hours on these events; and, because of their efforts, Maskat has been the recipient of much needed funds to help with this year’s budget! However, it goes without saying that neither of these events would have been successful without the help of ALL of you and your ladies who worked along with you. A special “Thank You” to the Ladies who have supported each of us as we have given so much time to our fraternity!

As May quickly comes to an end, we are in the midst of one of the busiest times in this calendar year. Countless hours have already been spent on preparation for this year’s Oil Bowl! With the addition of a 7-on-7 Football Tournament, Youth Football Camp, and Youth Cheerleading Camp (and the Oil Bowl Game itself), we should have a very successful event which will raise money for our Shrine Hospitals. ALL the net proceeds from each of these four events will equally benefit both our Houston and Galveston Hospitals. I strongly encourage you to attend this year’s game, which will largely include players from some of the smaller North Texas Area schools. It should provide a very entertaining football game for everyone. If you have bought tickets through the All Star Program or you have permanent Reserved Seating and you will not be able to attend the game, please pass them on to family or friends, so we can fill as many seats as possible.

Also, the week prior to the Oil Bowl, many of us will be attending TSA in Pasadena. If you have not made reservations, or need last minute information, contact the office. For those who have already made your arrangements, I wish each of you luck in your competition. I am not sure of the past, but possibly for the first time in Maskat History, the Provost Guard will field an All-Divan shooting team. Because of the scheduling of State Association meetings on Thursday, it makes it impossible for Divan members to compete in many of the Unit Competitions, especially the two day events. However, they are able to get up early and shoot with the Provost Guard on Friday mornings. Best of luck Nobles!

Because of the conflict of dates in June, the Units Council Meeting will be moved to Monday, June 13, and our Stated Meeting will be the following night, Tuesday, June 14! The regular start time of 6:30 pm for each will remain the same. July brings our Imperial Session in Tampa, Florida. We WILL have an informal Units council meeting on July 13 and again on August 3. If any Unit or Noble has any needs from the Divan, please attend on these dates.

On July 16, Maskat will be hosting a Restoration Party! All Nobles are welcome to attend. This “party” is designed to bring any past members back to Maskat! If any of you Nobles know a member who has discontinued their membership with us but would like to become an active member again, please invite them to come to the Shrine Center for this party.  It will begin at 6:30 that evening. We will also be inviting all Blue Lodge members within our jurisdiction to attend as well. We will be serving a 3 Meat BBQ Dinner & Home-style Trimmings. The meal will be FREE for all potential new Maskat members and $15 per plate for members and their Ladies.

During the month of August we will have a 4 Man/Woman Fun Golf Scramble. This will be just what it says……… FUN!  Put a team together and join us at River Creek Golf Course and enjoy the day, Friday Aug 5. On Saturday, Aug 13, we will have a Makat Fund Raiser Fish Fry and Homade Ice Cream Freeze-Off! Invite family and friends to the meal and come vote for your favorite ice cream. August 20, Maskat will again host a “Flying Liver” Tune-Up Sporting Clay event at the North Texas Field and Stream Gun Range. This will be the first open weekend for the Field and Stream Gun range. We should see a large turnout since this is 1 ½ weeks prior to the opening of Dove Season.

With so many events this year, it has been very enjoyable to see so many Nobles participating. The fact that I am seeing so many Nobles and their Ladies helping with everything that needs to be done to make all of the events successful is just fantastic. Almost half of the calendar year is gone, yet there are still so many things to be done. These activities I have mentioned are about to be upon us, yet the Circus, Dead Cow/Chili Cook Off, Potentate’s Trip, Rib Dinner, and New Year’s Eve Party are still to come!

I HOPE ALL OF YOU ARE ENJOYING THIS YEAR AS MUCH AS I AM! I know I would not be having this much fun if it weren’t for YOU!

Bruce Urban, Potentate
Maskat Shrine 2016


May 2016


As Spring has finally begun, I think we are all looking for a little sunshine. April has been a little dreary to say the least; but, as usual, Maskat has been the bright spot.  With the forecast for severe storms that afternoon, our Sporting Clay Fundraiser was a little short on the expected turnout. A special thanks to Robin Ritchie, Leroy Kalbfliesh, Dickie Dixon, Northwest Texas Field & Stream and ALL of the Shooters who supported Maskat Shrine in this endeavor. There are still chances for purchase for a semi-automatic shotgun and .40 calibre pistol. We have another Sporting Clay Fundraiser scheduled for August 20, just in time to tune up for Dove Season.

Beginning the first week of May, for the first time in several years, we will start selling Vidalia Onions. Hopefully, with the support of local businesses and the community, this will be a successful venture. Please support Elvin Dudley and Maskat by selling as many of these as possible prior to their arrival.

Our annual golf tournament will take place on May 13th at Champions Golf Course. We will need a lot of support from all of our Nobles to make this a success. If you play or if you can volunteer for a couple of hours, your help will be greatly appreciated. Contact the office or Gordy Anthill for any other information.

We will be very busy once again in June since both TSA in Pasadena, Texas, and the annual Oil Bowl Classic High School All-Star game will be upon us. Units are preparing for All-State Competition, and the Oil Bowl Committee is working hard to prepare for the final touches prior to the game. Good Luck to everyone who participates in Pasadena! As for the Oil Bowl, there are always last minute things to be done.  So once again, contact the office or Yoshi Fukasawa if you can be of help.

It is no secret that all of these projects take a lot of work and a huge amount of each and every Noble’s personal time! I personally want to thank everyone involved in each separate project, whether you are the Chairman of the project or someone in charge of a smaller portion of a project. I especially want to thank the Ladies of each Noble, who support each of us. Without their support, none of us would be able to spend the time making sure these projects succeed.

Bruce Urban, Potenate
Maskat Shrine 2016


April 2016


Another month has gone by and once again YOU the Nobles and Ladies of Maskat Shrine have shown why we are known as “The Mouse That Roars!”  We have already had so many successful events with such fantastic support from individuals, and the enthusiasm of all who have participated in our events this year is becoming contagious! Each time our doors open for an event, the crowds seem to get larger, the laughter gets louder, and our fellowship grows!

I want to personally thank everyone who attended the Potentates’ Ball! Lady Jana did a fabulous job of decorating and making sure everything was “just right” for everyone’s “Walk Down the Red Carpet.” Additionally, just so the fun didn’t stop, a small collection was given to the band for an extra hour of dancing!

IHOP Pancake Day and our first Maskat Cook both had great turnouts. Because of the new hours for the IHOP campaign, we were a little short on donations compared with 2015; but, I can honestly say, it wasn’t because of lack of participation. I commend ALL of the Nobles who gave their time and effort at both locations.  This enabled us to keep all time slots fully manned.

Our Maskat Cook was a huge success! A great turnout, along with great food made for a super evening of fun and fellowship.  A big thanks to PP Illustrious Sir Terry Martin for the wonderful meal, and we can’t forget Don Pepper for the fabulous “Don Pepper’s Butter Beans.” Thank you Don!

The Clown Mid-Winter, was also a huge success! I can personally say that OUR Clown Unit did a wonderful job hosting this event. Everything they planned seemed to happen without any problems. Once again, two other Maskat Units, Provost Guard and the Montague Mofia, stepped up to help out by preparing excellent meals both Friday and Saturday Night.

April 16th will bring us another fund-raising opportunity as we will be hosting the Maskat Spring Sporting Clay Shoot at the North Texas Field and Stream gun range. So dust off the feathers from last year’s Dove Season and come have some fun! You can’t eat ‘em, but they sure are fun to try to bust!  You can find details on the home page of Maskat’s website:  www.maskatshrine.com.

Once again, on April 21st and 22nd, we will have the opportunity to showcase our hospitality and brotherhood to Shiners from across the State when we host the Texas State Golf Association Mid-Winter. Our golf unit is working to make this a great success!

Things seem to be looking up for Maskat. Even in a down year and with a tight budget, we keep pushing forward. If you have not already done so, I encourage each and every Noble to join a unit. Our new Cooking Unit is beginning to get things rolling.  Several Nobles are attending Mid-Winters (both those we are hosting and those that are out of town), and we are seeing steady attendance at all of our Stated Meetings.

We have tried some new ways of doing things. Some have been accepted, and others still have some resistance. There is no way of knowing how new things will work unless we try them. I am always open to suggestions and welcome your thoughts about how you perceive things are going. Please feel free to approach me or any Divan member and voice your opinions.  Nobles, you should also make a point to attend the Units Council Meetings to find out what the Units are planning and what help they may need..

This is OUR fraternity and OUR Temple! The best in Texas! And boy did I hear how much everyone likes coming here during the Clown Mid-Winter!  Just because Maskat shines a little brighter than other Temples, I don’t want us to become complacent and think that that we don’t need a little polishing every now and then!

Thank you for allowing me to serve Maskat as your Potentate, and Thank You for all of your support!

Bruce Urban, Potentate
Maskat Shrine 2016


March 2016


As we enter into another month and look back at those that have already gone by, things are rapidly moving toward the spring and many more Shrine activities. Prior to this article, we have seen a successful Family Night (with the help of the Nile Ladies who provided the meal) and a good attendance for our annual OG Trip to Shreveport–even though I am pretty sure the OG slept most of the way home.

Before you receive this month’s Wildcat, we will have already completed the Potentate’s Ball, which I am anxiously awaiting. I can say now that I expect it will also be a huge success because Jana has been working very hard to make sure everything is in order. The morning of the Ball, the Provost Guard will be showing some outstanding Brotherhood to fellow Shriners from both Hella and Moslah Temples. New pistol participants from both Temples will be here to practice on our range prior to the Provost Guard Mid-Winter.

Next month will be filled with plenty of activities, and I hope everyone that can will come and enjoy the fun and fellowship. Tuesday, March 8, will be National IHOP Pancake Day. Even though it is Stated Meeting night, we will be at both IHOP locations from 7:00 a.m. thru 7:00 p.m. to help collect donations for OUR hospitals. If you have not signed up to help for a 2-hour shift, please contact the office and do so. The more Fezzes people see, the more donations we will be able to collect.

The following Saturday, March 12, we will be having a Maskat Fund Raiser Cook. This meal will start at 6:30 p.m. and is open to anyone. So be sure and tell all of your friends and bring them along with you. The cost will be $10 per plate and is certain to curb your appetite with PP Illustrious Sir Terry Martin heading up the cooking crew.

On Thursday, March 17 – 19, Maskat has the distinct honor of hosting the Clown Mid-Winter. Did I mention we are going to have a bunch of Clowns at our Temple on St. Patrick’s Day? All of the competitions and meetings will be held at the Temple, so this presents yet another opportunity for us to showcase not only our building, but our hospitality to fellow Nobles from across the State of Texas.

And finally, on Saturday, March 26, the Clown Unit will host our annual Kids Easter Egg Hunt at the Shrine Land. Bring your kids, grandkids, and neighbors’ kids! It will be fun for all! We will serve hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, and drinks. This is a great time for all involved, whether it is the kids, parents, or those of us that will be helping.

In closing, I would just like to say that if this year continues to be half as enjoyable as it has been already, it’s going to a very rewarding time for me and for Maskat. But nothing can be that way without your support. Your continued support of the Temple and each of the Units within is what makes Maskat unique! I am looking forward just that for years to come!

Bruce Urban, Potentate 2016


February 2016


I would like to extend my gratitude to each and every one of you, that just over four years ago, placed your faith in me to become part of your Maskat Divan. The Divan and I hope to continue to earn your trust as we start a new year! I can’t begin to express enough, how proud I am to be the Potentate of Maskat Shrine Temple, one of the most respected and envied Shrines in the State of Texas. If Maskat can’t do it, then it probably can’t be done!

I would like to congratulate PP, Illustrious Sir, Charles Dean for a great year in 2015. His commitment and leadership throughout this past year have been an inspiration to us all! Even though he may have overstepped a little at last year’s Divan Mid-Winter, and cost the rest of HIS Divan a C-Note this year.

Also, I would like to thank everyone who attended the Open Installation of Officers. We had a pleasant turn out of at least fifty Nobles, Ladies and Guest! A special Thank You, to PP, Illustrious Sir, Ronnie James, who served as the Installing Officer for the occasion. I apologize if some of you were unaware of the ceremony. I know that it was something different from the past way of doing things, but I believe it was a success, and possibly something that will continue in the future.

We have several activities coming up in the next few weeks, including Divan Mid-Winter Feb 4-6, Super Bowl Party Feb 7, OG Trip Feb 18 – 21 and the Potentates Ball Feb 27. I hope to see several of you at a majority, if not ALL (for you die-hards), at these events! I would encourage ALL Nobles who have never gone on the OG Trip, to attend if possible and visit the first Shrine Hospital ever, and physically see some of the Children that we provide care for on a daily basis!

We have a lot of activities planned for 2016, and I can tell you now, at least 95 per cent of these activities are planned for YOU, the Nobles of Makat Shrine and your Ladies. Don’t forget to bring a friend! They may decide they want to be a part of our fraternity as well. In 2015, the Imperial officers challenged each Divan to “have more fun” in their Temples. Not sure which Temples they were challenging,……   but if MORE FUN is what they want, then MORE FUN is what we will get!

In closing, once again I thank you for the confidence that you have bestowed in me, the previously elected Divan members of 2015 and our new OG Bing Miller! We are headed in new directions, with new ideas, renewed attitudes among all of the Nobility and our one common bond….. The honor and privilege to stand together and proudly say, that “we are bound together as Mason’s and Shriner’s!”

Bruce Urban, Potentate
Maskat Shrine 2016


January 2016

Fellow Nobles:

Finally after 5 years of service on the divan and 1 as your Potentate my term has come to an end.  It has been an interesting adventure not to say the least.  Deanna and I have thoroughly enjoyed the time we have spent leading our temple and really appreciate the support and understanding received from all of our brothers and sisters.

Maskat Temple  is very unique and close.  It is my wish that it keeps that characteristic as it will serve all of us well in the future.  Maskat has a bright future and upcoming leaders to take us down the correct paths of growth and camaraderie.  Deanna and I have made so many new friends over the last 5 years it is impossible to thank everyone individually so just know how much we appreciate each of you and are looking forward to being a fellow noble for many years to come.

In closing, let’s all give the incoming divan all the great support that I was lucky enough to receive and watch our Temple grow over the next few years.

I hope you all have had a happy Christmas and New Year season and best wishes from Deanna and myself.

Charles Dean