2018 Potentate’s Message

December 2018

This is the next to last Potentate’s Article I’ll have the privilege to pen.  I’ll cover more of that next month.

I think we can call our 2nd Annual Turkey Cook a success.  We had a bit of a problem with the first batch and made the decision not to sell that kind of a product.  The next four loads came out perfect.  We sold 200 out of 200.  Final dollar figures are forthcoming but should work out to be a good fundraiser.  There were a lot of people that helped clean, cook, wrap, and sell our turkeys.  Thanks to all!  It was fun and it worked.

Just finished the Circus last Saturday afternoon.  I think we had a crowd as good as (or better than) last year; but, at this point, don’t have any solid numbers.  We had 500 color books and sold over 450.  I will pass numbers along as soon as we get them.  Again, we had a lot of help selling color books.  Thanks to all that helped and all the Nobles in the stands wearing their Fezzes.  I think we can call it a good one.  Also want to thank all the Nobles who have already purchased your Circus Noble Tickets.  If you have not, it is not too late to pay for your tickets.  All the money from these tickets directly benefits Maskat.  Your name will also be listed on the “Circus Honor Roll” in the January 2019 Wildcat.

We also had our November Happy Hour on the 15th.  We had about 25 people come and go.

Foster Kids Christmas Party: The committee working the Foster Kids Party will gather at Wal-Mart I-44 at 10 AM on Sunday, December 2nd, at south entrance in lobby area.  The party is Monday, December 3rd, at 6:00 PM.  We will serve hamburgers and hot dogs.  Santa will be there to hand out the gifts.  Come on out and participate in this magical evening with the Foster Kids.

Units Council meeting is December 5th at 6:30 PM in the Oasis.  If there is anything you want on the meeting agenda, please attend and present.  We will have out stated meeting on December 11th with dinner at 6:30 PM.  I have been told it will be something special and unique.  The meeting will be at 7:30 PM.  REMEMBER, IT IS AN ELECTION NIGHT.

On December 13th at 6:00 PM, doors will open for Maskat Christmas Party Dinner.  Cost is $10 each for a good meal, fellowship, and the Rider High School Orchestra performance for our holiday enjoyment.  Please come out and enjoy.

Sunday, December 16th, we will have our 4th Quarter meal.  It’s a brunch before the Dallas Cowboy game.  Doors will open at 11:00 AM with food served from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM.  The Oasis will be open.  Come out for the game and a good brunch–$10 per person. You should enjoy this one even more than most Cowboy Sundays since you will not have to prepare or bring any of the food.   Go Cowboys!!

December 20th is Maskat Happy Hour.  It will start at 4:00 PM in our own Oasis.  Bring a friend, relative, and best girl.  This is open to all visitors, so come have a drink with us before the Christmas Holiday.  Hope to see ya there.

The Temple will be closed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Last item is our New Year’s Eve Party on December 31st.  The band will start at 8:30 PM and       play until 1:00 PM.  Black-eye peas and cornbread will be served at midnight.  Doors will open at 7:00 PM.  Again, this is an open party, so invite some friendsCall the Temple for reservations.

Parting thought . . . As you can see we will be very busy the last month and a half.  I hope we can end the year with some great attendance at our events and possibly set the stage for a great 2019.  Any questions, feel free to call Maskat Office or call me!  Cathy Stockton had her surgery today (November 19) and is doing well. We hope to get her back as soon as she can and wish her all the best.

Membership is, and always will be, an issue.  Please, as Nobles, ask yourself:  “Am I doing all I can for this great fraternity?”  Hope to see you all soon.

Thank you for your support
Calvin Carlton
2018 Potentate
Maskat Shrine Temple


November 2018

Let me start with the Dead Cow Cookoff.  What can I say? Rain again. Even with such awful weather we had 19 chili cooks competing along with 11 bbq/bean cooks.  Thanks to Scott McNeely for a very good plan, he had all the bases covered except weather.  Our OG, Dooby and wife Jo Ann treated all Friday night to the BEST mountain oysters I have ever tasted.  Thanks again to all that participated, judged and those that braved the elements for a visit.  Great job!

Our 2019 Calendar Meeting was the 17th of October.  If any Noble has anything to add please call Cathy or Donna in the office or Steve Harris.

Our October Maskat Happy Hour will be over now and I will step out and say we had fun.  Played some left/right/center and upgraded the snacks.  Don’t miss November Happy Hour on the 15th at 4pm.  Fun will be had by all so bring a friend or some family and show off our Temple.

Unfortunately, due to weather conditions the Fall Sporting Clays and Fish Fry had to be cancelled.

We will have a very busy in November starting with our first Turkey Cook on the 3rd and the second on the 10th.  Please place your orders with Cathy at the Maskat office.  The turkeys are $25 each for a 10-12 pound smoked turkey.  There will only be pre-ordered turkeys cooked, so don’t forget to call.  We ran short last year but if you pre-order we will get your bird cooked for your Thanksgiving dinner!

Our Units Council Meeting will be November 7th at 6:30. Our next Stated Meeting is November 13th.  If anyone plans to run for office this is the perfect time to announce.  Dinner will be at 6:30 with the meeting promptly at 7:30.   If any Noble has anything to offer please attend Units Council so it can get on our agenda.

You will have received your Noble circus tickets by now.  Again, the Circus is November 17th at 3:00 pm.  There is a lot going on that day but we fit in the middle of all other scheduled activities.  First, we need volunteers to work the Circus.  Second, we will need help selling programs/ coloring books.  We also need help selling ads in the programs.  Please contact Billy or Cathy for prices and sizes.  These are the only two sources of income for us during the circus.  Please pay for your Noble tickets and help us sell some program ads.  Call Cathy, Donna, Billy or myself with questions.

We still have 3 Masonic/Shrine Henry Rifles to raffle.  Tickets have been sold previously for $100 each.  We are dropping the ticket price to $50 and will give those who purchased at $100 an extra ticket in the drawing.  We want to clean this up by the end of the year.  For additional information call Dana or Mark Terry.

The Divan has been challenged to form a Strategic Planning Committee.  We spoke at length last meeting and decided to come back at our next Divan meeting with suggestions on who should be on this committee. We are looking for experience and Nobles with fresh ideas.  Areas to be reviewed are membership, retention, restoration, financing, building feasibility studies, advertising, and fund raising.  As you can tell this is all encompassing and these suggestions will be taken to the Divan and eventually to the Nobility.  If you have any interest in serving on this committee, contact a Divan member.

I want to do something different on our 4th quarter Maskat cook.  We will move it to Sunday, December 16th. (There will be no turkey meal on November 17th).  We will have the Maskat Brunch/Cowboy Watching Extravaganza.  Doors will be open 11am and brunch will be served from 11:30 to 1:00, game starts at noon.  Something a little different that should be fun.  This is open to all at $10.00 per person-all you can eat!

Last item – MEMBERSHIP!  If we have any Master Masons interested in the Shrine, please bring them to visit any special event and let’s try to get a few more people signed up by the end of the year.  Please reach out to your Blue Lodge about this.

Thanks for your continued support

Calvin Carlton
2018 Potentate
Maskat Shrine Temple


October 2018

It was very good to see everyone at our last stated meeting after being dark.  It was especially exciting to bring in two new members, something we would like to see each month for the rest of the year.

Saturday, September the 8th we had our 3rd quarter cook and it was one of the best.  We had ribs and sausage with all the sides.  The cooking unit really out-did themselves. Along with the dinner we sold racks of ribs at $20 and they were gone in a short time.  If you weren’t able to come you really missed a great meal.

The golf unit has just returned from their Christmas party in Granbury.  I haven’t heard any stories but I know they had a good showing.

By the time you get our Wildcat, we will have had our September Maskat Happy Hour on the 20th at 4:00 pm.  Hope you were there.

Looks like our Sporting Clay Shoot has been cancelled due to rain.  I have learned never to speak ill of rain, we need all we can get and it’s done on God’s time, not ours.  So, with that being said we have a tentative rain date of October 6th.  That’s the Saturday before the Dead Cow Cook-Off.  Time and place will remain the same, North Texas Field and Stream Range, 8:00 am registration and the shoot at 9:00 am.  We will still plan on a fish fry for lunch.  Let’s re-group and have fun!

The Provost Guard will be heading to Abilene for their Fall Invitational.  These guys always stand tall at any of these events.  Good luck to you guys!

Next is the Unit’s Council meeting, October 3rd.  6:00 for cocktails and the meeting will begin at 6:30.

The Stated Meeting is October 9th.  This will be a ladies’ night also.  We will hand out the milestone achievement awards and have a sign-up night for all of the Dead Cow activities.  We will have the Oasis open at 6:00, dinner at 6:30, closed meeting at 7:30 and awards and sign-up by 8:15.  I will keep this running quickly.

The actual Dead Cow event will be the following weekend, October 12-13.  We need to “pitch-in” and help get the land in good shape.  These work days are scheduled for October 10-11 (the Wednesday and Thursday before the event).  As you can tell we will be very busy with all of these activities.  We need all of the help we can get.  Any questions on the Dead Cow, please call Scott McNeely or the Maskat office and talk with Cathy or Donna.

Steve Harris will have his 2019 Calendar Meeting on October 17 at 6:30 in the Oasis.  If anyone or any unit has something to place on the calendar, please be at the meeting.  We will also have our October Maskat Happy Hour the next day (Thursday the 18th).  That’s the 3rd Thursday of the month at 4:00 pm in our very own Oasis.  Again, this is open to everyone.  Bring your best girl and a friend.  We always seem to have fun – hope to see y’all there.

The last business item:  You will receive your Noble Circus tickets very shortly.  The event is Saturday, November 17, at 3:00 pm.  After last year, I have very high expectations for the turn-out this year.  Be sure this is on your calendar.  It’s the last special event of the year and I really want to go out with a big bang!

Guys, let’s keep the pressure up on our membership efforts with new members, retention, and restorations.

Looking for a good “O.G.” !!!

Thanks for your continued support
Calvin Carlton
2018 Potentate, Maskat Shrine Temple


September 2018

Coming back from being dark!  We have a lot going on in a short amount of time.  I want to run over it so here we go.

The first event is the Maskat Shrine Cook #3 on Saturday the 8th of September.  The menu is ribs with all the fixins.  Call Cathy with any pre-orders.  We need to have a great attendance, $15 per person.  Open to anyone – member, family or friend.  Hope to see you there!

Our Units Council meeting is September 5th in the Oasis at 6:30. Food will be provided.  All units please have a representative attend.

Stated Meeting is September 11th.  Meal at 6:30 and meeting at 7:30. There is a lot to cover after being dark, please place this on your calendar and bring a buddy.

The Golf Unit will have their annual Christmas Party/Outing in Granbury, TX on September 14-15.  Please call Gordy (940-447-1708) for additional information

Maskat Shrine Happy Hour will be Thursday, September 20th at 4 pm in our own Oasis.  Again, this is open to friends, family and anyone interested in the Shrine.

The other September Fund Raiser is the Fall Maskat Clay Shoot on the 22nd at Northwest Texas Field & Stream Range.  Registration is at 8:00 am, shoot starts at 9 am.  There will be a fish fry immediately after the shoot.  For additional information, contact the Maskat office (940-766-4511) or Bruce Urban (940-642-5284).  We need shooters and volunteers!

The Provost Guard Invitational is September 28-29 in Abilene, TX.  For additional information call the Maskat Office or Bill Hammack (940-631-5454)

I just returned from the Potentate’s Trip to Ruidoso, NM, and it was amazing.  Lodging was first class with a relaxing patio view of a golf course and the mountains.  Good golf, good shopping, casino, great food and a fun trip to the horse races.  We had it all.  For those that attended, thank you!  For those that couldn’t – you missed a good one! Hats off to Charles!!

There are two last bits of business.  #1 – Membership – Boys we need help.  If there is anyone in the halls looking for a great philanthropy, we have it.  Tell our story and let’s get some new faces in the chairs! Speaking of chairs, it’s time to start looking for and thinking of an Oriental Guide for next year.  If you have any interest but have questions, please contact anyone from the Divan.  We would like a good, strong leader to step up and run.  It’s been a great time in my life.

Thanks for your continued support,

Calvin Carlton, 2018 Potentate
Maskat Shrine Temple


August 2018

Well back to business!  I find myself writing this message on my birthday, 21st (x3+1).  There is a lot to cover so I’ll get going.

First, our Sporting Clay Shoot went well.  The attendance was just above normal.  The weather was bearable and the food was great.  Thanks to all of our shooters and volunteers for their participation.

TSA was a huge success!  We had over 20 couples and a few singles in attendance.  Our competition teams brought home trophies and we had a great time in our Hospitality Room.  Also included was the World’s Shortest Parade.  I want to say thanks to all that attended.  Also, thanks to all 45 Nobles and Ladies for attending the dinner we were able to pull together.  That was an impressive showing!

Vidalia Onions-Well what can we say…  I don’t have final numbers yet, but it wasn’t much of a money raiser.  I must take most of the “hit” on this one.  I just couldn’t seem to get what needed to be done pulled together.

We did have a great rental to make up that difference.  It was a huge (3 plus days) pool tournament.  Thanks to Donna, Cathy and mostly Larry for getting that together.  It made us some money and they want to do it again next year.

Next was our trip to Imperial in Daytona Beach, Florida (again). There was a lot of legislation covering many areas including hospitals.  We will report more on that at Stated Meeting on September 11.  I want to say our new TSA President, our own Steve Harris, did a marvelous job running the Texas Breakfast and Lady Sheryl put her special touch on the decorations.  Maskat Temple shined!  Thank you both!  The Provost Guard competed at Imperial and came home with trophies!  The C and D teams placed first as did our Provost Guard Ladies in the unsanctioned shoot.  Maskat placed third in the dress competition and our own Tim Bradberry placed first in the .22 competition and second in the mixed combat .45 competition.  Bill Hammack was elected as 2nd Lieutenant on the Imperial Provost Guard Line.  Congratulations Bill, you make us proud!

We are closing in on the last trip of the year, the Potentate’s Trip, August 23-27 in Ruidoso, NM.  We will be staying at the Elegante Lodge & Suites.  I hope all that  want to go have signed up.  We have some fun activities planned so a good time will be had by all.  If you missed the deadline and want to go, call Cathy or Charles Dean.  Thanks to Charles for setting this up!

Now the big one – Oil Bowl!!!  What can we say, to keep it fresh it’s got to keep evolving.  Basketball was added this year and OMG!  We were all blown away by the success of that event.  We received a lot of great press and it gives us another block to build on.  The football game came together and we had about the same crowd as last year.  The real story of the weekend was having Alec attend.  As you know, Alec is the face of the Shrine as a patient ambassador.  It really brought home to all players, coaches, fans and nobility why we are doing what we do.  It was an honor to spend time and get to know Alec and his parents.  They are all Superstars!  Yoshi and his crew of volunteers did a great job making the Oil Bowl happen and we owe them all a big thank you!  Also, a big thanks goes out to the nobility that attended and supported the Oil Bowl.  We can mark this Oil Bowl down as a WIN for Maskat!

Maskat Happy Hour – August 16th, 4pm @ the Oasis.  Let’s gather up, tell some stories and have a drink together.  Girls, boys, friends and family, bring ‘em all!

Here’s what’s going on in September:  Unit’s Council meeting on the 5th, run by our newest City Council Member, our own Jeff Browning!  There will be a Temple Dinner on September 8. Cocktails at 6 and dinner at 6:30. This is scheduled as a rib cook.  I’m sure Terry, Greg and the boys will have us a real treat for this dinner.  Cost is $15 per person.  Open to all!  The 11th of September is Stated Meeting.  Dinner at 6:30, meeting at 7:30.  Hope to have a good crowd.

Looking forward to seeing everyone. Thanks for your continued support.

Calvin Carlton
2018 Potentate
Maskat Shrine Temple


June 2018

Guys, I was able to break out of prison last Friday; that is to say I was released by my surgeon to drive at least.  It has been a long 6 weeks.  I want to thank our Divan for filling in the holes and making sure this was a seamless transition.  I also want to thank the Nobles and their Ladies for all of the visits, cards, food and phone calls.  It proves to Judy that I do have friends!  Thanks, again, it really helped.

Now down to business.  We had a very nice Ceremonial on Saturday, May 19th.  The Ceremonial Officers did a wonderful job.  The Fish Fry afterward was great!  Both events were poorly attended, which was very disappointing.  I really think the issue was timing.  May is very busy with graduations, weddings, vacations and the sick bug hit us again.  Maybe it just needs to be done in the fall.  Live and learn.

Next, our Temple office will be closed Monday, May 28th for Memorial Day.  Donna, Cathy and Larry, enjoy the day.

Our first Temple Sporting Clay Shoot will be Saturday, June 2nd at the Northwest Field and Stream Range.  Registration is at 8 am, shoot at 9 am.  Lunch will be provided after the shoot.  Please contact Bruce Urban 940-642-5284 for additional information or call the Maskat office 940-766-4511.

Our TSA All-State meetings and competition starts June 6th and runs through the 9th in Tyler, Texas.  Our hotel is the Baymont Inn & Suites.  At this point we have 28 Nobles signed up on the travel team.  Very good showing, thanks.

Because of TSA, our Unit Council meeting will be Monday June 11th, at 6:30 pm in the Oasis.  This will be followed the next day by Oil Bowl events and our Stated Meeting.  Volunteers are needed to help feed the players.  Call the Temple 766-4511 if you are available.  We have a new Oil Bowl event this year, The All-Star Basketball Game, held at the Rider High School Fieldhouse at 6 pm on Friday, June 15.  Events will be held all day on Saturday the 16th with the game at 7 pm.  Also attending this year is our Patient Ambassador, Alec Cabacungan from Chicago.  This will be quite a treat, as many have seen Alec on our Shrine commercials.  Please don’t miss these events.

Wrapping up June we will have our Maskat Happy Hour on the 21st.  That’s the 3rd Thursday of the month at 4 pm here at the Oasis.  Don’t you dare miss it!

One last reminder-Vidalia Onions.  We have plenty remaining in stock.  If you haven’t grabbed yours, please do so.  I’m sure we have a couple of areas we can set up again and push some additional bags.   Please call Bill Yates at 940-224-9639.  We need to make a strong 3rd quarter push on these.

Thank you for your continued support.

Calvin Carlton
Potentate, Maskat Shrine

*It’s good to be back!


May 2018

As many of you know I had surgery last week.  Although I am doing very well, I will be out of the office for a while.  I am so appreciative of all of the thoughts and prayers, visits and calls that I have received.  I want to thank everyone, especially the Divan for stepping up to take care of Maskat business while I am out.  My ghostwriters are helping me with this message so all bases are covered!

The dinner theatre last week was a huge success.  Thank you to the decorating committee and cooking unit for the excellent dinner.  “Violet Sharp” was the competition one-act play that Rider High School performed for UIL.  The play was terrific and the actors and teacher (director) are to be commended.

We have a lot of upcoming events in May and during the summer.  The Maskat Golf tournament, which is a Temple fundraiser, is Friday, April 27.  Call the Maskat office or send in your players as soon as possible.  We still need volunteers to work at the event, so let Gordy Antill (940-447-1708) know about that as well.  The Provost Guard Fun Shoot will be at the Hatton Road location on Saturday, April 28, beginning at 8:00 am.  Everyone is invited and if you have questions call Bill Hammack (940-631-5454).

The first event in June is Maskat Sporting Clays on Saturday, June 2, at 9:00 am with registration beginning at 8:00 am.  It will be at the Northwest Texas Field and Stream Range.  There will be a lunch provided after the shoot.  For questions call Bruce Urban (940-642-5284).

TSA is June 6-9 in Tyler, Texas.  If you are going to attend please contact the Maskat office.  You can still make reservations at the Baymont by calling 903-939-0100.  The prices are $119.99 plus tax for a king suite or a double queen room.

It is not too early to make your reservations for the Potentate’s trip to Ruidoso from August 23rd through 26th.  Please call the Temple to sign up and make your room reservations by calling MCM Elegante Lodge & Suites at 575-258-5500.

We have signed a contract for the Circus so mark your calendars for Saturday, November 17.

Thanks for being a Shriner

Calvin Carlton
Potentate, Maskat Shrine Temple


April 2018

Last month it was sleeting when I wrote this message.  Now it’s raining and that’s great news.

I want to start off by talking about the Oriental Guide Trip back in late February.  Wholey, Moley! That was as great trip.  We exceeded the number of people we expected, and fun was had by all that attended.  Because of the weather, we were not able to play golf; but, as good Shriners we were able to find another competitive sport to participate in without weather affecting us.  Bowling . . . Yes, who would have thought. I have seen videos of Charles Dean’s form! Look’s like a good “Three Stooges” movie.  I’m sure this “sport” will continue to grow in Shreveport.  Don’t miss it next year.

We also had our 3rd Monthly Shrine Temple Happy Hour.  This fell in the middle of Spring Break so we were short some younger parent Shriners, but we made of for it with some newcomers.  We will try this again April 19th.  That’s the third Thursday of April at 4:00 pm here at our own Shrine Temple.  So . . .bring Shriners, your family, and friends if you have any and let’s have a cocktail together.

Our Annual Easter Egg Hunt was March 31st at the Shrine Land.  Thanks to all the Nobles and Ladies that worked so hard to make the event a success.  There were lots of tables and chairs to set up, the “Hunting Field” to prepare for kids/parents, the food to cook, and the serving line to prepare. This took quite a lot of time and effort.  Thanks again to all who helped!

We have a lot of upcoming events.  The first is our Shrine Temple Golf Tournament.  This is a Temple fundraiser.  The date is April 27, and it will be held at River Creek Golf Course.  This is a fun tournament, so grab some non-Shriners and bring’em out for a good time and great food.  If you have any questions, please call Donna, Cathy, or Conner at the Temple.  We are also in the process of selling Hole Sponsorship signs.  If you know of anyone interested in sponsoring a hole at the Golf Tournament, have them call the Temple or Gordy Antill @940-447-1708.

The second is our Dinner Theater.  For those of you that didn’t make it last year, you really missed a treat.  On April 14th, Rider High School Theatre Department will present “Violet Sharp”, based on a true story of the 1932 Lindbergh  Kidnapping case.  We will start with drinks at 6:00 pm, then dinner at 6:30 pm, and the play at 7:00 pm.  This is a open event, so bring some friends or family and share a wonderful evening.

The third event is a “Fun Shoot” at the Land by and for the Provost Guard.  The shoot will start at 8:00 am on April 28th.  It is open to Shriners, Masons, and their families and friends.  If you don’t have a gun and want to shoot, I am told to say “Just come on out!”  For more information, call Bill Hammack (631-5454).

Last item.  If you haven’t heard, Cathy Stockton will be “trying” to replace Conner McCaslin.  Cathy started here with Connor the middle of March.  Conner has given “the last part of April” as the date he will be leaving.  So . . . for now they are full swing in the “training process.”

Conner, what can we say to a man that has given 10 years of service to Maskat Shrine Temple as the Office Manager.  There are not strong enough words to show what you have contributed to this fraternity.  Let me say “Thank You” from everyone at Maskat, and we hope to continue to see you at the Blue Lodge and at our Stated Meetings.  God Bless . . .

Thanks For Your Continued Support

Calvin Carlton
Potentate, Maskat Shrine Temple


March 2018

It’s cold and sleet is covering everything as I sit down to write this message, so let’s dive into all this goodness.

I want to thank all the Nobles and Ladies that showed up to decorate and attended the Potentate’s Ball.  The Temple decorations looked fantastic and, if I may say so, were very unique.  The photo booth was a big hit as was the furniture in the lobby used for photo opportunities.  (Thank you Bruce for helping me move half of my living room up there.) The food was excellent, and there was plenty of it.  Most of us had heard the band at the Temple before, and they did not disappoint us.  They played a little something for everyone.  My Counter Part from Moslah Temple (Fort Worth) wanted them for his ball.

The flu bug hit us pretty hard. That night I had several nobles call me and express their sorrow for not being able to attend.  Thanks for the heads-up and hope all is well with you and your families.

It was a fun and memorable time.  Thanks again!

The next event was our Super Bowl Party.  WOW!! What a great time.  The food, again, was unbelievable, and there were tons of it. We raffled one flat-screen TV, four rifles, and a bunch of fantastic door prizes.  Per our official “head counter” Ed Hall, there was in excess of 160 people in attendance.  That’s a really great turnout.  I know we passed out one, maybe two, petitions for the Blue Lodges.  Thanks again to all that attended and those who helped decorate.  –Side note:  We all donated a full dolly of food for the Food Bank that day.  Great Job!!

This leads us to what’s happening now.  Our Oriental Guide Trip will leave February 22 and return February 25.  We have 32-35 people going, not full but better than in the past.  We have our Hospital Tour scheduled Friday the 23rd at 10:00 am.  This is one of my favorite activities of the year.  It is simply amazing the work the Hospital and staff can do.  It brings home why we do what we do.  If you have never made this trip or just haven’t been in a while, please plan to go next year. On the fun side, we will play a little golf, play some cards, and enjoy some hospitality together.

HAPPY HOUR – Thought I forgot hey!  We have had two successful Happy Hours at Maskat.  Both were the 3rd Thursday of the month.  So . . . I want to try this again March 15th; that will also be the 3rd Thursday of the month.  Bring your Lady and bring some friends.  Open to all.  We’ve been having fun

I want to visit about our Advertising Program.  We have our wheels under us and are off and rolling.  We have secured about 1/3 of our goal for the year but need to hit this hard the next couple of months.  Scott McNeely will have a committee meeting after the March stated meeting.

We are very close to signing a Circus Contract for 2018 and 2019.  It will be the same format as last year.  More later . . .

We are also working on some real surprises for the Oil Bowl.  It’s not finished yet but we are trying to get a very popular Patient Ambassador and a very well-known football player to attend.  As stated, it’s not a done deal but if we pull this off we will put some more butts in the stands! Again, more later . . .

NOTE TO ALL:  Check September schedule changes on Maskat website:  www.maskatshrine.com.  Select [EVENTS] tab, then select “Calendar of Events” and navigate to the month of September.  Call Maskat if you need help with it.

Thanks for your continued support.

Calvin Carlton
Maskat Temple Potentate


February 2018

Well, here we go—my very first Potentate’s Message.

First, I would like to thank the nobility for the confidence and support they have shown to me in the last few weeks.  Many active Nobles, and several that have not been quite as active, have reached out and offered help.  This has really moved my excitement level to a new high!  I am committing myself to working very hard and to keeping our lines of communication open and flowing. I pledge to be honest, open, and approachable to each and every Noble.  I urge you to contact me by cell phone or email if I can answer any questions or be of service. We must keep the membership involved to succeed.

I will do my best to support our mission of helping the Shriners Hospitals provide world-class treatment to the children.  To do this, we must make sure that our Shrine Temple is solvent and stable and our nobility are kept informed of all aspects of our activities, while, at the same time, we offer special events that are fun and interesting.

With this said, there are several upcoming events I hope will be a lot of fun.  By the time you read this, we will know!

  1. Our first Maskat Happy Hour was January 18th at 4:00 pm in the Oasis.
  2. January 20th the viewing of the Shrine East-West All Star Football Game at 2:00 pm also in the Oasis.
  3. January 25th and 26th (Thursday and Friday) decorating for the Potentate’s Ball at 6:00 pm.
  4. January 27th—Potentate’s Ball, 6:00 pm cocktails; 7:00 pm Dinner; 7:45-8:15 Introductions; 8:30 pm band starts. Hope we all have fun!!!
  5. February 4th—Super Bowl Party, doors open at 2:00 pm—boards, prizes, and gun raffles. Only twenty raffle tickets for each of the Shriners and Freemasons Henry Rifles will be sold.  At present, three rifles will be included in the raffle.  Good food and good fun was enjoyed by all.
  6. February 22nd-25th is the Annual Oriental Guide (OG) Trip to Shreveport. This will be “wheels up” at 5:00 pm at the Temple on Thursday the 22nd.  Bus ride is $75 and eats and drinks are included during the ride.

The Divan will be traveling to Corpus Christi February 8-10 to attend Divan Mid-Winter.  The February Units Council meeting will be moved to Monday, February 12th at 6:30 pm because of the absence of the Divan.

NOTE TO ALL:  Our second Maskat Happy Hour will be February 15th (third Thursday) at 4:00 pm in the Oasis.  Hope to see you there.

Well, that’s about it.  Hope I haven’t missed anything of importance.  Nobles, please be diligent in keeping your Ladies informed as Lady Judy and I do need their help and participation as well.

Thanks and –
Looking Toward a Great Year!

 Calvin Carlton
Maskat Potentate


January 2018

Well here goes—my very last Potentate’s Message in the Wildcat. No “Dates to Remember,” just a lot of THANKS and introspection.

I want to express my humble appreciation to each and every Noble and Lady who has supported Maskat during the last five years that I have been part of Maskat’s Divan.  It is not now, nor has it ever been, about supporting just me personally.  Even if we do not agree with a particular Potentate, we should always support and do what is best for Maskat.  Thus said, I still want to say, “Thanks also for supporting me!”

There are a few Noble that I want to especially thank for heading our major events:  Shawn Blacklock for the Shriners IHOP National Pancake Day; Gordy Antill for the Maskat Golf Tournament; Yoshi Fukasawa for the Oil Bowl; Bruce Urban for the Sporting Clay Shoot; and Scott McNeely for the Dead Cow Cookoff.  All these events required a huge amount of time and effort from the one in charge and everyone else that participated in making them happen. Lots of man hours.  All of you are the heart of Maskat!  Really dedicated Shriners (including the Ladies).

I also want to thank Greg Stockton and all the Cooking Unit for preparing all the meals this year.  Not only do they provide the stated meeting meal, but they have also cooked for several Maskat events.  Needless to say, the food is always delicious.

Looking back over 2017, there were so many things that I wanted to do that I was unable to accomplish.  One of the projects that I will be working into the future is a historical preservation project to preserve our documents and photos that are deteriorating to the point that before long they will be lost forever. To date, we have acquired (some donated) and repurposed some of our assets to help digitally preserve as much of Maskat’s history as we possibly can. We still need some equipment. Because of budget constraints, I feel that Maskat should not purchase all this equipment; therefore, I am appealing to you to help gather funds to purchase whatever equipment we still need.  If you can, donate a few dollars (or more if you can).  If you know someone who might contribute, contact them and do your best!  We will put the money in a designated fund for the “Preservation Project.”  Any moneys raised can be turned in to Maskat Office with that identification—PRESERVATION PROJECT.  Once we have the money, we will purchase the needed equipment.  Maskat and I will very much appreciate your financial help.  If you want to work with me on this project, just call me.  Your help will be welcomed.

This year, I really wanted to focus more on MEMBERSHIP than I was able to.  (Note:  As of January 1, 2018, our membership will be about 389. With all the ups and downs from creations of new members and the losses from demits, drops, suspensions, and deaths, this is the first time our membership has dropped below 400.) Although membership was of great importance, the survival of Maskat was of prime importance.  My goal was to create a cultural change at Maskat whereby membership growth becomes our most important goal so that we can continue to be the World’s Greatest Fraternity and Philanthropy.

It Has Been a GREAT Year!!!
Jeff Gainer, Potentate