2021 Potentate’s Messages

December 2021

Hello Nobles,

Well we had a good Stated Meeting and I was sure glad that my schedule allowed be to attend. Some exciting news came from the meeting. The Shotgun Unit is coming back. Some new members and old have expressed their desire to bring it back to its original glory. The Unit has been restored to its original financial status, by a unanimous nobility vote, and I along with the entire Divan look forward to the great things they can do. For now, contact Past Potentate Bruce Urban for more details. Congratulations to all who have helped restore this unit.

The Circus is in the books, and without having seen the final numbers I think that we had a larger than average crowd. It was the biggest that I have seen in quite some time. A big thank you to our Asst. Rabban, Mike Knox for getting everything together for the meal. Our High Priest and Prophet Bill Hammack, and Past Potentate Mark Elgin for cooking and all the others that helped prep. The meal was well received and appreciated. A special thanks to Dee Ann Reed for organizing our coloring book sales. This is no easy task, and she has it down to a science. Certainly, without our hard charging salesman, the coloring book project could not be successful. Thanks to each one of you that helped in the coloring book sales.

As of this writing, the Turkeys will have been cooked, and hopefully all sold. Let’s cross our fingers. This is a good fundraiser, and we always need those. So please help us, by purchasing your turkey if you haven’t already, and thank you if you have. Until our trails cross again……

“Watchem Close”


November 2021

Hey Nobles,

The great news is that attendance was up at Stated Meeting in October!  Hopefully this is an on-going trend.  It would be great to see more faces participating in the meetings and events.  Let’s all make an effort to attend when you can.  New member this month is Shannon McCaghren from Jacksboro.  Welcome to Maskat Shannon!  I want to send out a thank you to Chief Rabban Dooby Fox for filling in for me at several Stated Meetings this year when my new job prevailed over attending.

The work days have really paid off.  The area outside of the kitchen is nearly complete.  If you haven’t seen it, please stop by and take a look.  This area will be great for parties and cook-outs.

We have had a really good response to the Rib Cook.  All of the ribs have been sold and will be cooked on October 30th.  Terry Martin and his crew will cook the ribs in two batches.  The first batch will be ready around 2:00 and the second batch around 5:30 so don’t forget to come by and pick yours up.  Our annual Turkey Cook will be held on the Saturday and Sunday (November 20th and 21st) prior to Thanksgiving.  Please call the office (940-766-4511) to order yours today and tell all of your friends as well.

The Maskat Circus will be Saturday, November 13 at 6:30.  The event will be held at Kay Yeager Coliseum as in the past.  I hope that by now everyone has sent in their money for the tickets that were sent out in September.  Please try to attend the Circus and wear your fez.  We need some volunteers to help feed the performers and sell coloring books in the stands at intermission please.

I hope that everyone has a great Thanksgiving with their family and friends.  Be safe!

Watch ‘em close


October 2021

Hey Nobles,

Our yearly garage sale went off without a hitch, and I want to thank Edgar Shockley and PP Bob Hamlin for their
hard work, along with all who donated their treasures.

Our Steak Cook Off went really well. Not as many entered as last year, but our High Priest and Prophet Bill Hammack
has made arrangements for next year’s event to be bigger than ever. Thanks, Bill, for all the hard work on this event. I
truly believe that this event will be a “HUGE” fundraiser in the future.

Nobles I can tell you for sure that this country boy from Clay County has only seen hurricanes on television, but
recently I made a trip to Galveston on business and met Hurricane Nicholas. I won’t go into a lot of detail, but I can say this, electricity, dry bedding, and hot water is a luxury that I personally take for granted.

While in Galveston I had the honor and privilege of delivering a box of teddy bears, dressed in military clothing, blankets and pre-op dolls to the Galveston Hospital for Children (hours before the storm). The Daughters of the Nile made the blankets and dolls and donated them; I was simply the delivery driver. I would like to give these ladies a big shout out. Even though I wasn’t able to give them to the children personally, the nurses that received them wanted me to pass on their thanks and praise for the kind gesture. Thank You Ladies.

The Maskat Rib Cook will be October 30th. The ribs will be $20 per slab, pre-sold orders only. Go by the office and get your order in while they last. P.P. Terry Martin and his crew will be cooking 100 racks, so they will sell fast. Give Cathy a call (940-766-4511) if you have any questions. Until we see each other on the trail ………………. .

Watchem Close


September 2021

Hey Nobles,

It was great to see such a good turn-out at the Potentate’s Ball. Everyone had a great time and the food was fantastic.
There was lots of dancing and comradery. Thank you to everyone who helped make it happen. The week after
the Ball we had The Dueling Piano Show. The crowd was minimal, but everyone that came laughed and was
thoroughly entertained.

It will be great to see everyone in September when the Temple opens up from being dark in July and August.
Units Council will be on the 8th and Stated Meeting on the 14th. Let’s all make the commitment to attend meetings and get involved in Maskat activities. We have a great thing going here and the more members that attend make it even better.

The Maskat Shrine Double Steak Cook-Off is Saturday, September 11 at the Hatton Road Land. This is a sanctioned SCA cook that is a lot of fun to attend. We need volunteers for judges and set-up, so if you are available call the office (940-766-4511) and get on the list. Also coming up in the fall we will have a rib cook. Terry Martin and crew will be
cooking so you know they will be great! Call the office anytime and pre-order your ribs. The date will be announced soon.

Enjoy the rest of your summer! Until Next Time.



August 2021

Hey Nobles,

We recently traveled to San Antonio for TSA with a small group of well-motivated Shriners.  We had a great time, despite of the weather, which made it necessary to cancel the Provost Guard competition. We had the honor of delivering a $13,000 check from the Wichita Falls BPO Elks #1105 to the Shriner’s Hospitals for Children – Texas. I can tell you first-hand, it sure made this ‘ol boy’s eyes a little hard to focus for a while. Thanks to our Elks friends for always supporting our cause in whatever it may be. God bless you all.

By the time you read this, the Oil Bowl will be done, and we will be singing its’ praises. Thanks go out to Yoshi Fukasawa and all of the volunteers, coaches, players, staff and nobles that donated time, money and resources that made this such a success.

The Imperial session was in July and our new Imperial Potentate, Bill Bailey, was announced.  Our Provost Guard A Team consisting of Bill Hammack, Jerry Sloan, and Tim Bradberry Won first place, and Tim was Top Shooter for the Imperial Competition.

The Potentate’s Ball is in the last of the planning stages and will have happened by the time the Wildcat comes out in August.  There will be steaks and dancing–what else do you need!!!

We will be having a “Rib Dinner” soon. This was not on the calendar and is one of my great ideas. But we will have a date set very soon. We have 100 racks to eat or  sell for you to take home. Please support this non-scheduled fundraiser as we need everyone’s help to get this thing we do back on track.

Until Next Time.



June 2021

What a great first half of the year we are having! The Golf Tournament was a wonderful success, thanks to Gordy Antill and a lot of great volunteers and generous donations. This year the tournament made over $10,500! We had 36 teams and the weather was perfect. Thanks to everyone involved.

The Oil Bowl is just around the corner. Please help us make that as big of a success as the Golf Tournament. Purchase your tickets, sell ads, or just promote the game. Thank you, Yoshi, for all you do.

Some time during our dark period, we will be having a “Rib Dinner.” This was not on the calendar and is one of my great ideas. But we will have more information to follow.

There has been some confusion, mostly caused by me, on the Potentate’s Trip in October. The dates and times are set, due to my recent job change, but they are not mandatory for anyone wanting to go on the trip. Anyone desiring to leave at a different time or date, or stay longer are more than welcome to make those arrangements with the travel agent. The times and dates that I placed are simply the ones that I am limited to, due to my current employment arrangements. Sorry for the confusion.

Until Next Time.


May 2021

Hey Nobles,

It is with sadness that we have to say goodbye to a great man and a generous supporter of Maskat Shrine.  Harry Patterson went to be with the Lord on March 26.  Our hearts and prayers go out to his family.  He will be dearly missed by all that new him and those who were lucky enough to cross his path. R.I.P. Mr. P.

Well, we are “Rocking and Rolling.” A lot of good things have been happening. The O.G. Trip was a heck of a lot of fun.  A small crowd had a very large time. We returned and hosted the Provost Mid-Winter.  The guys with the Provost Guard did a great job, and I heard nothing but compliments from all the temples that attended.  The Cooking Unit, along with Terry Martin and Mark Patterson, prepared a meal that was fantastic.  My hat’s off to all.

Our traditional Easter Egg Hunt was a huge success, thanks to some funny dressed clowns and some hard-working Shriners.  Thanks Joey Viavattene, Mike Knox, Greg Stockton, Will Bogart, and Calvin Carlton for cooking some great burgers and dogs, and to the ladies, for making sure the kiddos did not go hungry.  lol

The “workday” program was well attended and accomplished a great deal of much needed chores around the Temple.  We had a great breakfast and good fellowship.  Hope to see more people the second Saturday every month.

The Shrine Golf Tournament is coming up May 07, at 1 PM at River Creek.  E-mail your entries to officemanager@maskatshrine.com or get with Cathy or Gordy.  It’s going to be a lot of fun.

“Watch’em Close”


April 2021

Hey Nobles,

I hope all are doing well and are ready to get back to what we used to call NORMAL. I first want to start off on a personal note. On behalf of myself and my wife Tami, we would like to thank Past Potentate Bing Miller and his Lady Jody. These two wonderful people have been our dearest friends and have not
only supported us for these last four years on our journey through the Divan but continue their support to this day. Bing and Jody rise to every occasion and are willing to help at a “Drop of a Hat”. If anyone has noticed the old shop-equipment room has been renamed, Jody’s Room. That is because she has spent countless days inside that room, organizing and cleaning it, and
I hope that it stays that way. Thank you guys, we love you both.

I would also like to thank Harry Patterson and Brad Rodgers for the kind donation of $4520. This was a wonderful gesture and could not have come at a more needed time, and certainly not without the hard work on Brad’s part to make it possible. Thank you very much.

The Stated Meeting was well attended, considering our current situation. Beginning in April the stated meeting and the Units Council meeting will go back to “The Way It Was”. Unit heads are asked to attend, and meals will be provided at both. During the last stated meeting I asked, and it was well received, that each unit head appoint a calling committee to call each member of their unit on the phone prior to each stated meeting and encourage them to attend. I hope this will help with attendance.

We recently had the Clown Midwinter here at Maskat, and if you weren’t there, you missed it. Wow, those people know how to have fun. Clint Lee and Ryan Christensen sure made Maskat look good. Everyone I spoke to stated that the facility was great but the food was excellent. That was due to the cooking unit and all the great help. Greg Stockton, Don Pepper, Dooby Fox, Will Bogart, Calvin Carlton, Mike Knox, Bill Hammack. Special thanks to Terry Martin and Mark Patterson for cooking some wonderful steaks. Oh, I almost forgot to mention Jim Griffin; for giving all of us his much-needed advice all along the way. I was not much help, due to the lack of the required issued equipment. (HA, HA)

As you are reading this message, the O.G Trip would have been completed. I am sorry that we had to alter the way it had to be done, but we were forced to cancel the bus. I’m sure that all of you know that we would have stood to lose a considerable amount of money and that would not have been acceptable. I am sure that we all had a great time, and next year we can get back to “The Way We Always Have Done It .”

One last thing. We have begun a new program, and it is called “workday”. The second Saturday, every Month, we will meet at the Temple at 7am for breakfast and begin at 8am on a list of chores that need to be done at the Temple. This program is designed to lower the cost of maintenance on our building and property. We can no longer hire out maintenance issues that we
can do cheaper. This program can save us thousands of dollars. I am asking anyone that can help, please come and help us keep our Temple up. Until next time.

“Watch’em Close”


March 2021

Hey Nobles,

As you are reading this message, I am certain that you survived the 2021 Blizzard. As many of our nobles and their families have suffered greatly with the loss of power and water, we have held firm. Shriners are the most resilient group of people on the planet. I want to thank each and everyone that have checked on not only my family, but the families of others. We are certainly
embarking on some rough times ahead, but one thing remains true, we WILL come out of this on top. We have a couple of fundraisers and excursions coming up, and my sincere desire is to pack the house. The O.G. Trip (March 18-21), and the Dueling Pianos are coming up in August. Not much else, except the Potentate’s Ball. I am holding off on setting the date for this event, in the hopes of our counterparts availability and the possibility that we can all safely attend, so stay in touch and we will announce the date A.S.A.P.  Until Next Time . . . . . . . .

“Watch’em Close”


February 2021

Hello Nobles,

This will be my first Potentate Message, and I want to convey my sincere appreciation to everyone that has supported me these last four years. PP Bing Miller has done a fantastic job leading our philanthropy through this
devasting crisis (COVID-19). Thank you for your friendship and leadership.

We are embarking on some troubling times, but with support from each of you, we will make it through. Lots of events are listed on the calendar, but keep in mind they all are subject to change. I will do my best, as the entire Divan will, to make this year as good as possible. Note: there are a lot of members that we don’t see very often but continue to support Maskat Shrine and have stood behind our great philanthropy for all these years. I ask each of you to stay in touch with those members and re-assure them we care about them and would love to see them get more involved. Until next time we meet, stay safe and ……….

Watch’em Close


January 2021

Hello Nobles, well this will be the last time you’ll read what old Bingo has to say. It’s been a wild 5 year run, but we’ve enjoyed it and glad we did it, even though the first time I backed out. Jody admitted she had a lot of fun. I hope next year will be better for Kenny and the gang. This last year brought a lot of sorrow to Maskat. We lost our stabilizing force behind our Temple, John Tunnell, a man that is hard to replace. Plus Greg Talley, our High
Priest and Prophet. As far as I know, we’ve never lost two valuable members to our Temple’s Divan in one year.

Guys, I just wanted to thank everybody for all the help Jody and I received this past year, especially Ed & Pam, Bob & Winnie, Gordy & Gloria and of course, the Divan who has to show up all the time. A special, special thanks to Cathy Stockton who make things happen. And to Jerry Sloan for taking over the Temple and making things work.

Now to get back to our December meeting, we had 27 members show up and we elected our new O.G. Will Bogart. Greg stayed on as Treasurer and Calvin stayed as Recorder. Congrats to Will! Next meeting is January 12th.

Thanks to everyone,
Bingo and Jody