2011 Recorder’s Corner

December 2011

December and the end of 2011 is upon us!  There are so many things I should have done this year that I will never catch up in one month.  Might as well not even try.  How’s that for lazy?  I’m just kidding.  I will do what I can to finish this great year in grand style.  The older I get the more I appreciate life.  It’s just that things I want to complete take so much time and energy, nowadays!

My dear friend and a Maskat Clown extraordinaire passed away this month.  Chip Hitchcock would have been 62 on November 28th, but he died on November 2nd.  Not an extremely long life in this era, but he packed a lot of adventures into his years.  We had a common bond and hit it off right from the beginning because we had both been Marines in Vietnam.  I came home seven months after I got there with what they call a “million dollar wound.”  He spent three years in country.  He was wounded horribly, taken captive, declared MIA then ‘probably KIA,’ then released after two years as a POW, minus a right arm and sundry other injuries.  His mother, Betty Hitchcock, and father, the late Noble Charles Hitchcock, spent two years in limbo, wondering if they would ever see him again.  Thankfully, my service record could never compare with that!

Chip had one arm and some demons, but he always made the best of what he had.  Most of you probably remember him as ‘Captain Hook,’ his clown alter ego.   To pull off that character, you only needed one arm!  He had a successful career as an insurance adjuster and was Past Master of his Masonic Lodge.  Semper Fi, Chip!

According to Noble Edgar Shockley, we made over a thousand dollars Saturday with the Garage Sale!  That’s some good news!  According to our Treasurer, Past Potentate Greg Stockton, Potentate Terry Martin’s budget is performing well in all areas!  We are having a great year, but in spite of the good number of Nobles we have initiated, we will probably not have a membership gain because of the Nobles who must be suspended for not paying their dues. We are working on that, perhaps we can persuade some of them to stay.

Officer Elections will take place at December Stated Meeting on Tuesday, December 13th.  This is your chance to come to Shrine and elect your officers.  Or throw the bums out!

One of the highlights at the November Stated Meeting was presenting Membership pins to Nobles who have reached a milestone in their Shrine career.  Potentate Martin had the honor of presenting the pins, and Noble Oral Buck, who recently turned 100, was presented his 65 year pin.  A retired educator, Noble Buck got a late start in Shrine.  He was 35 years old before he ever became a Shriner!  He is a great man and Mason, and we are honored to have him!  Thanks for being a Shriner, Oral Buck!

And, Thank You for being a Shriner!

 In The Faith,

John Tunnell, P.P. Recorder



November 2011

October, and we finally got a decent rain and some cooler weather. I hope that did as much to lift your spirits as it did mine, but the climatologists are predicting more of the same for 2012.  Hope they are all wet, and I hope they get wetter!  When you get this, October will be over.  I sure hope the Fall Ceremonial on the 29th is a success.  We can always use some more members!

I know most of you are aware that Jennifer, my wife, soulmate and muse was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Her doctor, Shaw Fontenot, caught it early, sent her for a mammogram and started the ball rolling.  Early detection is the best way to assure a positive outcome.  We appreciate your prayers, thoughts, and concerns more than you could know unless you have had first hand experience with the ‘Big C’.  Your concern makes me proud to be a part of this great organization.  Friends matter even more when something goes wrong.

Jennifer has been a school counselor since 1985, and went half time at work this year and moved to high school prior to the diagnosis, because she wanted a little less hectic pace.  She says she is glad now that she did not completely retire, because helping teens with their problems [they have a bunch] help keep her mind from dwelling on her own.  Right now, with chemotherapy, she doesn’t have a lot of energy, but she says it’s working, and she is doing what she loves.  Hope you’ll forgive the digression, but I needed to say that!  Breast cancer, I have learned, is the most common of all cancers in women, and some men get it too.  Dr. Sutton, her surgeon, said if a woman lives ‘long enough,’ she will probably get it.

First weekend in November we have our Temple wide garage sale.  Noble Edgar Shockley is the project chairman.  Hurry up and bring your stuff.  Your trash may be someone’s new treasure!  Remember, this event is before the Stated Meeting on November 8th, so get it down there the first week or sooner!

Many of you know Noble Monte Teague.  He has been organizing and sponsoring a Golf Tournament at Runaway Bay for the Galveston Burns Center.  It has always been successful, but this year his efforts set a record by raising $17,000.00 for the Shriners Hospital in Galveston.  We seldom see Monte at a Stated meeting, because he works out of Decatur.  But he deserves our accolades for his efforts on Maskat’s and the Shriners Hospitals’ behalf.

Not many individual Shriners can claim they started something that made a sizeable financial impact on our hospitals.  Locally, we have two!  P.P. Don Wright started our local Shrine Hospital Golf Tournament and guided it the first ten years.  We thank you Monte Teague and Don Wright.  Thanks for being Maskat Shriners!

Hope you all have a joyous Thanksgiving.  Come to Maskat Shrine and get involved.  There’s plenty to do!

Thanks for being a Shriner!

In The Faith,

John Tunnell, P.P. Recorder


October 2011

Circus is next week, and will be history by the time you read this.  Hope it’s a good one!  We had a calendar change that you need to note.  The Temple Garage Sale will be on November 12th.  Chairman Edgar Shockley said he hopes the delay will get some merchandise delivered so we have some items to sale.  The reason he postponed it was we simply didn’t have enough stuff.  When you bring items out, take them to the building behind Maskat to unload during working hours.  Conner or Larry will open it for you.

We have more Football in the Oasis in October. It’s a great way to fellowship with Nobles and Ladies at Maskat.  If you have never been, don’t let that stop you. If you like football, washer pitching and/or visiting, bring a covered dish and come on out.  This is one of the new things Potentate Terry Martin is trying, and it is working out great.  Even folks not particularly interested in Dallas Cowboy Football come out and have fun.  Check the Wildcat for the days the Oasis will be open for football.  Right now the calendar says every Sunday, but that is subject to change.

The Dead Cow Cookoff, a sanctioned barbecue cookoff, will take place Friday and Saturday, October 7th and 8th, at the Maskat property on Hatton Road. It will be a Unit Fundraiser for the Shotgun Unit and the Provost Guard.  If you want to enter a cooking team or be a judge at the event, contact Maskat Temple for more information.

Big change!!! Our Fall Ceremonial will take place on October 29th.  If you know a Master Mason who needs to be a Shriner, call Conner McCaslin at Maskat 940–766-4511 for a petition.  It is not too early to start thinking about Membership.  Membership continues to be our most pervasive problem.  We lose a few members every year to deaths, demits and suspensions. We can’t control the number of deaths we have, and if a man has made up his mind to demit you probably cannot change that.  Suspended members, however, can often be persuaded to pay their dues and stay aboard.  We have a list in the office of the Nobles who must be suspended for NPD [nonpayment of dues] on or before December 31. I will read it at the October meeting.  Come by and look at the list. If you recognize a Noble on the list, many times personal contact will work to convince him to stay in the Shrine.  The only other positive way to affect our bottom line is to bring in new members.  Only the Nobility can help with that! So it’s really up to us.  We are on track to see another loss in membership this year unless we can turn this around.

There has never been a better time to become a Shriner!  All a Master Mason has to do is buy a Fez.  Out initiation fee for 2011 is zero!  We can’t make it any easier, financially.  Get out to Blue Lodge and see if you can get a man interested in becoming a part of the World’s Greatest Philanthropy.

Thanks for being a Shriner!

In The Faith,

John Tunnell, P.P. Recorder


September 2011

As we stagger to the end of the hottest, driest summer I can remember, I hope everyone is still praying for rain! In the paper this morning there was an article about farmers losing this year’s wheat, this year’s cotton, and probably next year’s wheat unless things get wet in a hurry. We sure need a good rain.

We hosted our sixth Shrinefest last Saturday. The music was good, but the crowd was thinner than my hair! There was a little breeze with the heat all day long, but at sundown the wind stopped blowing and it was almost too hot to breathe. Red dirt music lovers stayed at home under the air conditioning and I am sad to report we lost money for the second year in a row. Don’t know exactly how much yet.

On September 13th we have our first official meeting since June. I hope by that time the drought is history and things are back to normal. I need to mention our circus is scheduled for September 20 and 21 at the Wichita Falls MPEC Center. Save the dates, buy your tickets, and wear your Fez proudly. I love to watch the children’s eyes light up. That in and of itself is worth the price of admission!

On September 10th, which is before Stated Meeting, Maskat is hosting our annual Garage Sale. If you have items to donate to this event, you can bring them to Maskat any time between now and then. The area to the right of the stage behind the Oasis is the designated storage area. Please support this event, proceeds go to support our budget! Also on the 10th, the Foot Patrol has their annual Lake Party. Our Ladies have scheduled another Meet and Greet for Thursday, the 15th and the Shotgun Unit is having a Sporting Clay Shoot on the 17th. Provost Guard has their Fall Invitational in Abilene on the 23 and 24th of September, so there are a lot of activities this month.
I almost forgot to mention we are having Football Sundays every Sunday afternoon in September. Come out and watch the games with us!

Thanks for being a Shriner!

In The Faith,
John Tunnell, P.P. Recorder


August 2011

Hope everyone is having a wonderful, cool, delightful summer. We are having our 53rd consecutive day above a hundred here in Wichita Falls, so wherever you are besides here, there is a good chance that it’s cooler than we are. Skip McBride tells us there is no relief in sight, but if it doesn’t rain soon we could be in real trouble. So when you pray, and I hope it’s often, mention rain!

I just returned from the Imperial Shrine Convention of Shriner’s International [our new official name] on July 8th, and it was considerably cooler in Denver and was a very busy and fruitful Convention. Your representatives considered more legislation than usual, some of which doesn’t affect business at Maskat. I will try to cover the enactments that concern us! Representing Maskat were:   Poney Thompson, Chief Rabban; John Tunnell, Recorder; and Bob Hamblin, Past Porentate. Past Potentate Terry Huff attends each year as a Representative for the Colorado Hospital] Corporation. He attends “on his own nickel” and cannot vote on Iowa [Fraternal] Legislation

The Reps voted unanimously to grant a charter to Emirat Shriners in Gemany. Emirat has been operating “under dispensation” for a year, which is common practice. We also granted dispensation to Agila Shriners in Mindinao, Philipines. If they make suitable progress, they will be granted dispensation at the next Imperial Session.

The admittance of Shrine Temples in Foreign Countries prompted the name change last year from The Imperial Shrine of North America to Shriners Inrternational. Our official name change does not alter the fact that we are Shriners! But it has made “strictly English” for the Ritual a thing of the past. We also voted to allow the translation of the Ritual into the primary language of any country in which we operate.

An amendment to the bylaws which directly affects us is the new wording of Article 25 in the Bylaws of Shriners International. It NOW states that a candidate for an elected office may print, publish, and circulate during the year he is seeking office, a resume consisting of his educational background, his vocational history, and his Masonic and Shrine record. It goes on to say a unit, club, or Noble or group of Nobles MAY NOT campaign in any way for anyone running for office by resolution, letter, email, telegram, ticket or any other device to recommend, oppose, or suggest a candidate. The penalty for violation may include suspension of the offending Noble or group, and declaring the election VOID and ordering a new election. If you have any questions concerning this legislation, I would suggest you read Article 25 of the Bylaws of Shriners International. The Imperial Council has the power to enforce Bylaws and has ordered new elections and suspended Nobles in the past. So read Article 25 carefully if you are considering running for office or supporting a candidate!

I know we have several upcoming events, and they are mentioned elsewhere in this publication. But these are changes to Shriners International Law of which we all should be aware. Remember to support our Shrinefest on August 20th, and Thanks for being a Shriner!

In The Faith,
John Tunnell, P.P. Recorder


June 2011

Hope you are ready for June, because it is upon us! By the time you receive this, Memorial Day 2011 will be history.  Hope you remembered to memorialize the brave men and women who died for your freedom.  It’s easy to take their sacrifice for granted when we are fortunate enough to live in this great land, safe and free because they cared enough to serve!

The first weekend in June, we travel Northward on 287 to Amarillo for Texas Shrine Association annual convention.  I know several units are putting the final touches on their various manuevers, trying to outshine the twelve other Texas Temples in their competitions.  It’s all for fun, but itr is serious business! Just ask any unit member.

Then the 2011 Oil Bowl Classic takes place the very next Saturday Night on June 11th at Memorial Stadium.  We all need to attend the game, wear your Fez, and enjoy the game.  Proceeds benefit North Texas Rehab and Oklahoma Crippled Children’s Society, two extremely worthy charities.  If you can’t go, buy your tickets and send them back to Maskat!  They will go to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Wichita Falls.  Thanks for supporting the game.  It is one of the few projects we do to benefit the community.

Thanks to members, supporters, and players, we had another successful Shrine Hospital Benefit Golf Tournament, raising around $25,000 for the Shrine Burns Center in Galveston.  The work they do to help the burned children is nothing short of miraculous.  And the kids and parents we serve don’t pay anything out of pocket for the best burns treatments available on planet earth, and that’s a fact!

After the Oil Bowl Game, we have Stated Meeting on June 14th, and then we are officially dark for July and August; but don’t forget the Shrinefest on August 20th.  This is when we get to raise some money to keep our doors open.  More information on this event will be forthcoming, so watch the Wildcat!

Thanks for being a Shriner, and thereby making a difference in the lives of our children!
John Tunnell, P.P. Recorder


May 2011

By the time you get this communication, it will be May,and unless you read only my column is this publication, you will already know the May Stated Meeting had to be moved from May 10th to May 17th, due to the Potentate’s Cruise.  All those people will return to Wichita Falls with those tropical tans and all the cash they can squeeze out of the casino.  I wish I could go, but my loving wife (Jennifer, in case I have to be specific) has to work, and I am not allowed to cruise alone!  I tend to get in too much trouble, she says.  How would she know? I’ve never been on a cruise without her!

We are almost ready for another TSA in Amarillo.  Hope you are signed up; if you are thinking about going, it is time to act.  Call Donna Hyde in the office for late registration.  When I first took this job, the only people who had to be at TSA on Wednesday (June 1st this year) was the Divan.  Now the Golfers and the Shotgun shooters start on Wednesday, and I understrand the Golfers have a practice round on May 29th.  Those are both fairly new units to Maskat; the Golf Unit the older of the two.  Shotgun’s competitions just started a couple of years ago.  Most of the other units hold their competition on Friday, June 3rd.

The Wild Fez’s rounds out our list of newer units.  The Wild Fez’s are a local unit at this time, but they are getting statewide and even national recognition.  No other local Shriners have a comparable unit, but their concept is great.  They assist other units in local events and really help a lot with Shrinefest.  They are a valuable addition to our units; and even though they do not have a competition at TSA, many of them compete as members of other units.  Are you new guys paying attention?  Best advice I can give a new Shriner is to get involved in a Unit.  All our units help the Shrine, and it’s a lot of fun!

The next weekend is the Oil Bowl Game on June 11th.  This is our only local fundraiser, benefiting North Texas Rehab Center and Oklahoma Crippled Children’s Society.  Come if you can, and be sure and buy your tickets if you can’t make it!  All the net proceeds from the game benefit worthy charities.

Don’t say there’s nothing to do in the Shrine!  Just look at the monthly calendar in the back of the Wildcat, pick something out and participate! We’ll be glad to have you, and you’ll be glad you did!

Thanks for being a Shriner!
John Tunnell, P.P. Recorder


April 2011

Things continue to pop around Maskat! The first weekend found us on the O.G. Trip to Shreveport, featuring Charles Dean attempting the Shreveport Shuffle. I can report we did not allow him to sit down, but he couldn’t have done it without Chip Hawkins or Kenny Lemons. Chip tended libations and food orders, and when we got there, he and Kenny kept the Hospitality room manned and fairly clean. We only had a couple of minor mishaps and everyone got back reasonably intact.

The Ladies had the first annual Meet and Greet; and it was well received, as was the scotch and cigar night. Plans are to hold subsequent events like that for the Nobility and Ladies. This Saturday we have a fish fry and Ice Cream Freeze Off at Maskat, the first of such monthly dinners for our members. Profits, if there are any, from these endeavors go to Maskat, but they are designed as social events to bring us closer together. The day after the Fish Fry, on Sunday afternoon, the Foot Patrol is holding a Washer Pitching Tournament to benefit their unit. Look at the calendar in the Wildcat for monthly activities. Something is always happening.

The big event for April is our Annual Hospital Benefit Golf Tournament, which is in its eleventh year, It will be held Friday April 29th. This year, P.P. Ronnie James takes the leadership role, and he has promised to maintain the successful Hospital Fundraiser Don Wright started and try to improve upon it! He is very capable and has some great ideas and organizational skills. If you are a golfer, this is one tournament you should play. If you don’t play the game, there is plenty to do in preparation as well as the day of the event. If you sponsor a hole, you are contributing financially to the success of the tournament. Just ask, if you want to help in that way. If you want to physically help, Ronnie will put you to work somewhere!

There are many other noteworthy activities in our near future. The Potentate’s cruise is the second week of May. Texas Shrine Allstate is the first weekend in June, in Amarillo. Look in this issue of the Wildcat for an individual sign up form. We have a lot of Nobles and Ladies attending this event, which features competitions between the Units of the thirteen Texas Shrine Temples. It is essential that we get motel reservations into Maskat in a timely manner.

The Oil Bowl follows the next weekend on Saturday June 11th. P.P. Gary Hill is the Chairman and the new kid on the block. He solicits your participation and assistance. We have picked up a sponsor, Underarmor Sportswear, which can help our bottom line considerably by furnishing uniforms. More on that later! We do have a lot going on in the near future. Come on out and have fun.

Thanks for being a Shriner, and thereby making a difference in the lives of the children we serve!
John Tunnell, P.P. Recorder


March 2011

Your entire Divan, plus Junior Past Potentate Bob Hamblin, went to Midland two weekends ago for Divan Midwinter. Dru Landrum had to cancel at the last minute; and, if you saw the weather (and I am sure you did), he was probably the smartest one in the bunch. The meeting was full of glitches, most due to weather;  but we managed to learn some things and have a good time. I consider it a privilege and duty to serve this fraternity and philanthropy in the capacity of Recorder, and I know all of your officers feel the same way. But there was more duty than privilege involved this time! The roads were icy and not much fun on the way down, but pretty good on the way back. I’m just thankful we made it there and back in one piece.

We have some activities in the near future for all of Maskat. The Divan Ladies are doing a “meet and greet” tomorrow night to let the Nobles’ Wives see what Shriners are all about. Looks like we have decent weather predicted for that. Potentate Terry Martin’s Lady Roma is managing the operation, and we all hope it’s successful. There is a lot to do around Maskat that involves the Ladies, and we need all the help we can get.

The Nobility will go to Shreveport March 3-6 for the annual O.G. Trip. Your new O.G. Charles Dean will walk there and back serving snacks and drinks on the bus. This is a worthwhile trip because we tour the first Shriner’s Hospital. As you probably know, first timers get to ride the bus for $25.00, which includes snacks and drinks. Everyone else pays $50.00! The hospital tour gives them an idea what this philanthropy is all about. It is also an inspiration to us old guys to see once again what we are doing for these children who really need our help. Makes you proud to be a Shriner! The other activities are for fun and fraternity, and there’s nothing wrong with that, either!

We have most of the Nobility Midwinter Meets in March or the first two weeks in April, and they are scattered throughout Texas. IHOP/Shriners Pancake Day is set for March 1st, and I hope you are signed up to help. Proceeds from this go to our Shriner’s Hospitals. Potentate Martin is having a “scotch and cigar tasting” night here in our Oasis on March 10th. Make reservations with Noble Ken Simpson at Local Boys. Tickets are $50.00 each–invite an interested friend and plan to have a good time.

Speaking of ‘must do events,’ our Annual Hospital Benefit Golf Tournament, which is in its eleventh year, is Friday April 29th. This event was the brainchild of P.P. Don Wright, who has been its Chairman since we started it in 2001. This year, P.P. Ronnie James takes the leadership role, and he has promised to maintain the successful Hospital Fundraiser Don started and try to improve upon it! He is very capable and has some great ideas and organizational skills. If you are a golfer, this is one tournament you should play. If you don’t play the game, there is plenty to do in preparation as well as the day of the event. If you sponsor a hole, you are contributing financially to the success of the tournament. Just ask, if you want to help in that way. If you want to physically help, Ronnie will put you to work somewhere!

There are many other noteworthy activities in the near future. The Potentate’s cruise is the second week of May, and TSA Allstate is the first weekend in June, in Amarillo. The Oil Bowl follows on June 11th. Lots of good stuff to do, hope to see you at some or all of these events!

Thanks for being a Shriner and thereby making a difference in the lives of the children we serve!
John Tunnell, P.P. Recorder


February 2011

We installed officers this month, and we are ready for another year at Maskat. It starts with a real bang and doesn’t let up for a while. We have the Potentate’s Ball on January 22, a last Football Sunday on January 23, to see who we want to root for in the Super Bowl now that the Cowboys are out of it. Then on the 29th of the month, the Montague County Shrine Club is hosting a feed and dance at their ‘saloon’ in downtown Nocona. This is a fun event they have sponsored for a couple of years now. Of course, when you read this it will be too late to go. But I have a feeling it will be an annual event.

February finds us going to Texas Shrine Association’s Divan Midwinter in Midland, Texas, of all places on the first weekend and charging back to WF for the Super Bowl Party at Maskat on Sunday the 6th. Stated Meeting will be on the 8th, followed by the Potentate’s Cruise Signup Party the next night [9th] in the Oasis at Maskat. If you like cruises, or don’t know whether you do or not, this promises to be a great one! We leave Maskat for Galveston on May 8th by bus [the fun begins then]. From Galveston, we dock in the Cayman Islands, Jamaica, and Cozumel, returning to WF on Sunday the 15th. Join us for FUN.

Changing the subject a little, I don’t have to tell you new members are the lifeblood of this organization. If you know a Master Mason who would enjoy the Shrine, invite him to join us! Initiation fees are zero! All the new men need to do is buy a fez! Of course, we do need their dues revenue, but we need to get them in and show them what Shriners are all about. So come by the office and pick up a Petition or two and go out and get some Shriners! We started this program in 2010, and Potentate Terry Martin agreed to continue the offer. We finished 2010 with a net loss because we had to suspend some Nobles for Non Payment of Dues, and of course we lost some Nobles to the ‘Black Camel.’ We will always have deaths, but if we could retain our members who are suspended or demitted [quit], we could consistently have a gain in membership. So, please try to help us recruit some new Nobles!

We have the annual ‘O.G. Trip’ on March 3through 6th in Shreveport. This is a STAG trip for the New Nobles, and as an added highlight, O.G. Charles Dean gets to serve drinks and food on the bus all the way there and back. He gets to walk to Shreveport and back! If you have never been on this outing, you should try to go! We visit the Shriners Hospital there as a group, so bring your Fez. The rest is just for fun, but the hospital tour makes the trip worth the money. If you are a New Noble, the price is $25.00 for the bus ride and food and drink. Everyone else pays $50.00. The rooms at the Horseshoe are $130.00 each if you have a roommate. If interested, call the office for details!

As always, thanks for being a Shriner!
John Tunnell, P.P. Recorder


January 2011

Happy New Year!! By the time you get this, you will have broken at least one resolution, if you bothered to make one! I always make them, but most fall by the wayside. I am writing this in an attempt to meet a deadline, because there are too many distractions right now to squeeze this in. There is something every night and we are going on a Christmas Cruise with the family next week. My kids can’t remember what they got from one Christmas to another, but they always remember the trips. Wish us bon voyage! I have already heard the horror stories.

We had Officer Elections at December Stated Meeting, and Noble Charles Dean was elected Oriental Guide for 2011. Potentate Bob Hamblin will become a Past Potentate on January 11th, when Charles is installed as O.G.! Our thanks to Bob Hamblin for completing five years of hard work on our behalf! There were no other surprises, Terry Martin was elevated to Potentate, Poney Thompson became Chief Rabban, Mark Reed replaced him as Assistant Rabban, and Dru Landrum became High Priest and Prophet. P.P. Greg Stockton was elected Treasurer [Jimmie Holland became emeritus after serving for fourteen years, being sidelined by a heart attack] and I am still your Recorder.

In other action, the Financial Advisory Board remained the same, with Past Potentates John Christoff and Charles Oldham agreeing to serve another term. The Nobility also voted to suspend Thirteen Nobles for non payment of Dues effective December 31st. That is always a tough vote, but it must take place. It is our hope that some or all will decide to ‘pay and stay’. So we have until December 31st to try to keep them. If you need names and phone numbers to reach out to one or more of these men, call the office! I know for a fact an appeal from a friend works wonders, so make a call and make a difference!

We also initiated four New Nobles at Stated Meeting, Calvin Carlton, Jason Griffin, Thomas Kent and Keith Morton. We received Brad Watson’s membership from Khiva Temple in Amarillo, and Noble Richard Long was restored to membership. When you see these gentlemen, welcome them to the Shrine. Sad to say it, but we lost P.P. Joe Justin, Noble Jack Roddy, and Noble Dr. Joe Wells to the Black Camel. Even with the deaths we sustained, we could finish 2010 with no loss of members if we can keep the men who have to be suspended for Non Payment of Dues. All things are possible, but it is getting late in the year.

I hope the Christmas Season gave you hope for the New Year, we all need that for a happy life

As always, Thanks for being a Shriner! The kids need you and we do too!
John Tunnell, PP Recorder