2018 Recorder’s Corner

December 2018

Merry Christmas! I love this time of year. Everyone is more charitable to one another. Jennifer and I worked the SHC Fed Ex Open the first weekend in November for the third time, along with the Drydens, the Hamblins, and a host of volunteers in Las Vegas, Nevada. Dr. Dryden and his Lady were there with the Galveston Board, Bob and Winnie Hamblin skipped a year and came back this year. It was a quick, fun-filled week for us. One of the highlights as in years past was the Imperial Potentate’s Evening. They had Patients representing all 22 Hospitals plus our Patient Ambassadors. Really a busy, rewarding time. If you can see your way clear to go next year, they need workers! See me for details. We could use some help! This benefit raises money for our hospitals and spotlights what we do.  If you want to go, start making plans. They have a volunteer website.

We have Temple elections  this year on December 11th, which is ordinarily a very well-attended meeting. It should be, since we elect the men who will lead us for 2019. But the first thing on our December Shrine Calendar is the Foster Children’s Christmas Party on Monday, December 3. This is one we cannot really publicize, because many of these kids were taken from their parents. It warms your heart to see them sit on Santa’s lap and get a Christmas present from him, even though Santa is Steve Harris.  Maskat Christmas Dinner is scheduled for Thursday, December 13th, which is two days after Stated Meeting.  We traditionally have the Rider Orchestra entertain while we eat, and then feed them. Come celebrate Christmas together!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We always seem to have a few more than we thought.  And we do not run out of food at our house. That, in and of itself, we must count as a blessing. Hope you had a great time also! A very dear friend and Shrine Family had a death this year on Thanksgiving.  Noble Bruce and Carol Hale’s youngest daughter Tracy Hale Saikowski passed away very suddenly after eating dinner with the family.  It saddened me because I had the pleasure of teaching her in band through McNiel and Rider. She was a very sweet, energetic trumpet player with a flair for music she inherited from her family. I truly loved teaching her, and she made our world a better place!

If you want to donate to the Shriners Hospitals, this is a special time of year to remember our great philanthropy.  We [you and me] help a lot of children have better lives through this healing ministry. Remember, we own the hospitals that treat the children at no charge to their family. Just make your check to SHC-HOUSTON or SHC-GALVESTON.  For Maskat Temple to receive credit for your donation, you have to send it directly to the Houston or Galveston Hospital. Or, since Dr. Steve Dryden goes to Galveston each month and I travel to Houston, call one of us and we will present it to Donor Development at our respective Hospital. Noble Ed Stewart from Jacksboro left $20,000 in his estate to Shriners Hospitals.  He died a short time ago, but his legacy lives on through his philanthropy.

This year, we host the New Year’s Eve Party. We host it this year for The Elks Lodge and Maskat, as per the agreement we made years ago.  But don’t worry, Elks are great people and hosted both groups last year. We always have fun together.

As always, Thanks for being a Shriner! And Ladies, thanks to you for supporting our cause. Merry Christmas!

For the Children,
John Tunnell, P.P. Recorder


November 2018

Happy Thanksgiving. Last weekend we had the Dead Cow Barbecue and Chili Cook.  I was no help at all, but the Shrine had a great event!  It rained, sometimes poured, but we had the event.  Cooks had paid in advance and it is a rain or shine event.  Chairman Scott McNeely put on a great event with plenty of help.  It really wasn’t too bad for the cooks, and they saw to it that the show went on! We had Ladies Night at the Shrine for the October Meeting, and presented Membership Milestones to the Nobles who had reached a significant year.  Many Nobles and Ladies had an opportunity to sign up to work the Dead Cow, and the Maskat Cooking Unit prepared a great meal.  We don’t give them enough credit. They do this as a service to Maskat, and only charge to cover the price of what they buy.  They are all volunteers, don’t forget to thank them!

On October 9, your Divan went to IHOP on Broad Street to present a fund – raising award to that IHOP as an outstanding store during Pancake Day. These are beautiful plaques to recognize the stores who go above and beyond on their fund raising. Congratulate them the next time you eat there!

Jennifer and I and Dr. Steve and Edie Dryden are going to work the SHC Open at Las Vegas the last of October and the first weekend in November. It was a lot of fun last year and we decided to do it as long as they need us.  It is a beautiful time of year out there and it is a very worthwhile trip.  As a matter of fact, P.P. Bob and Winnie Hamblin are going back after skipping last year’s Tournament for a shoulder operation.  [His not hers!]  We are looking forward to it.  A large number of Shriners and Ladies volunteer for this project each year, but at least half who volunteer each year are not Shriners. I talked to a former Patients Dad in line last year for one activity. His daughter had aged out of the system, but he still came to help!

Hope you can make the Circus on November 17, and please buy your tickets!  But, the Turkey Smoking is starting on November 3, before the November Stated Meeting on November 13.  The Divan and other volunteers are going to smoke turkeys on November 3 and 10.  This idea was floated by HP&P Kenny Lemons last year while he was OG.  We have doubled our cook to two hundred turkeys because of the enthusiasm, hence the extra day.  What a great idea that was!! We are charging anyone who wants one $25.00 per bird. We have to know the Tuesday before, which is Stated Meeting– November 12.   So we have a fun filled November on our hands! And Happy Thanksgiving, by the way!  Hope we can make Maskat some much needed money!

Thanks for being a Shriner!

For the Children
John Tunnell, P.P. Recorder


October 2018

Lots of activity at Maskat Shrine in October, but there are still two weeks of September right now. The upcoming weekend is Sporting Clays at North Texas Field and Stream and the next weekend the Provost Guard Invitational is in Abilene.  A hint of fall is in the air.  We have had some welcome rain and the nights are not as hot.

The weather steam has been devoted to Florence, the hurricane that has been wreaking havoc in North and South Carolina the past week.  Record flooding has occurred with this massive storm in those two states. It weakened to a Cat 1 as it reached shore, but it was barely moving, and dumping rain as it went. I received a picture on Facebook of the Silent Messenger Shriner and child from a Carolina Temple [Sudan, in New Bern, NC, I think]. The statue was standing tall with water all around it. Inspirational image, but I cannot imagine the cost of recovery from the flooding in that area. Americans will help each other recover. That’s what we do!

Activities for October include Stated Meeting on October 9, which is a Ladies Night.  We decided it should be Ladies Night for two reasons: Dead Cow Chairman Scott McNeely wants the Ladies to have an opportunity to sign up to work the Dead Cow event, and we always give Nobles who have reached a Milestone a pin on that night. Potentate Carlton suggested we should do that in open session as we did last year, and the Board agreed. If Cathy has not notified you and you think you are due a pin, call the Office at 766-4511. The Dead Cow Cook-off and Chili Cook-off are on October 13-14, which is the weekend following Stated Meeting, at the Hatton Road Land.    

Jennifer and I will be out of town the last week of October and most of the first week of November to attend the Shriner’s Open Golf Tournament in Las Vegas, Nevada.  We did it the past two years, because Dr. Steve Dryden [Maskat’s Representative to Galveston Hospital] told us about it. We went, and we were hooked!  P.P. Bob and Winnie Hamblin are traveling with us, their second time in three years. Wish us luck, travel mercies, and financial Blessings on our Hospitals!  As Shriners, Shriners Hospitals for Children belong to us. I am Proud to be an Owner! If anyone else is interested in going, they need volunteer workers, and prefer Shriners. It is not too late to sign up; call me for details!

I always try to devote some space to our Houston SHC in this article, in case you haven’t noticed.  It gets me and Jennifer out of town one weekend a month, and the Patient of the Month presentation always makes the trip worthwhile. The highlighted Patient this time was a boy named Levi, with Cerebral Palsy. He came to us walking in a crouched position, and after several operations and intense physical therapy, he is walking fully erect, using a walker for balance. He is much improved, and continues to make progress. He is one of our many success stories! His condition, as a neuromuscular disorder, is considered Orthopedic in nature, and is within our treatment area.  If [like me], you are not sure if we treat something, call Shriners Hospitals for Children at 800-237-5055. We are always taking new patients!

Thanks for being a Shriner, Gentlemen, and thank you Ladies for everything you do to help our cause!

For the Children
John Tunnell, P.P. Recorder


September 2018

Today is the first day of school for Wichita Falls students, which is important to them.  But if you are among the Shriners who are going to Ruidoso for the Potentate’s Trip later this week, you have something more pressing to remember.  Pack your Golf clubs and horse racing money no matter what else! Or take plenty of plastic [credit cards].

Hope you have had a great summer. The Oil Bowl money split between Houston and Galveston was down a little this year. All profits from that endeavor are split evenly between our two Texas Shrine Hospitals, and all we keep are the memories and a little seed money for next year. I was told the game was a bit lopsided in the second half, but the Hospitals won.  Before kickoff, I was taken by ambulance to the ER after I passed out on the field! How the game went on without me I will never know. Literally. Can’t remember much after Doc Dryden told me I better go to the hospital and quit whining!  But Thanks for helping and buying your tickets!

We had a great Hospital Ambassador with us this year, Alec Cabacungan from the Chicago Hospital. Alec came to the Basketball Games and the Football Game, and shook hands with everyone he could! He is a real trooper. He and I visited at the TV Stations and KLUR Radio. He told our Hospital story as only a lifelong patient could, and he impressed everyone he met. He wants to be a sports announcer, and with the experience he is getting, I think he will be great. I know he represented our Hospital system in an exemplary manner for many years.  I am very proud to know him and his parents!

At Imperial, our newly elected Imperial Potentate Jim Cain took the helm from Imperial Sir Gary Bergenske. Imperial Sir Jim will continue with the “I Am Committed to Membership, Are You?” program. It has been highly successful in many Temples, and you can’t argue with success.  We need members at Maskat, Nobles.  We have initiated very few Nobles in 2018, and we have members die every month.  We voted to raise our local dues by twenty dollars a year in July of last year because our local Shrine needs money to meet our expenses. I urge you to support Imperial Potentate Cain’s membership program.  We all need to think Membership!  Remember, a hundred new members would solve our money crunch!

I mentioned in one of my articles that the real highlight of my trip to Houston for the Board of Governors Meetings each Month is the Patient of the Month Award.  The kid who made it worthwhile this month has been responding to therapy very well.  His therapist and his Grandfather were there. Grandad said he has taken to the Physical and Occupational Therapy and the concentration of activity has helped his CP. Granddad considers it a miracle.  Thank you, Maskat, for placing me in a position to witness one of God’s miracles every Month.  For those of you who have never been to one of our Hospitals, I urge you to put it on your bucket list. You owe it to yourself and our kids.  You will not regret it, but it might bring a tear to your eye!

Thanks for being a Shriner, Gentlemen, and thank you Ladies for keeping us in line!

For the Children,
John Tunnell, P.P. Recorder


August 2018

I have some important material to present in my article this month, but what is happening at Maskat Temple is equally important.  In June, we had the Oil Bowl and reaped a profit for out Houston and Galveston Hospitals.  The books are not closed, and I know some of us would like to purchase our Noble Tickets and have not done so thus far.  So you still have an opportunity to contribute to our Philanthropy.  Remember, all contributions to the Oil Bowl are income tax deductible.  If you have lost your paperwork, call the Maskat Office at 940-766-4511.  I need to note here that we had a special Patient Ambassador from Chicago.  Alec Cabacungan and his parents were here for the festivities!  The previous week, we went to Tyler for TSA State Convention.  The Provost Guard brought home some hardware, and the CONVEE CADILLACS  did us proud once again.  We also had a lot of golfers in the mix! Hospitality Room was great, and everyone seemed to enjoy it!

Your Imperial Representtives [three of us] recently returned from the Annual Convention of Shriners International, held this year in beautiful Daytona Beach, Florida, for the second year in a row! It was a great Convention at a wonderful location, and the Provost Guard competed in the second ever Imperial Piston match, capturing first and second place in different categories.  Noble Jerry and his Lady Beverly generously hosted the Provost Guard competitors for the week.  Thanks Jerry and Beverly for your contribution to the team.  The Smoking Gun was present in all its glory, and it’s a good thing!  The Provost Guard allowed me, Potentate Carlton, and C.R. Steve Harris to ride with them and we did not have to walk. [Not that we would have!] Thanks! Provost Guard for all you do for Maskat.

There were 45 items on the Agenda, some of which affect all Temples; bylaws changes which should improve our fraternity financially and protect the Hospital Endowment Fund.  I think it  is important to note that our Fraternity is growing!  We placed two Temples that were Under Dispensation last year under Charter! Congratulations to Bolivia Shriners and Amal Shriners in Sao Paolo, Brazil.  We really need to work on local membership, Nobles!  We continue to have more Nobles die than we initiate.

As always, the highlight was the public relations presentation on Wednesday afternoon, where we met the newest patient ambassadors, Riley, who has been a patient or ours since 2003, and Lily, who came to us in 2000.  These young people make you proud to be a part of this great fraternity. Traditionally, the two Patient Ambassadors are chosen from our Shriners Hospitals for Children and introduced to the Representatives at the annual convention.  It is always a heart-warming, emotional experience to see these kids in person and hear the stories of how they became Shriner Kids and how they have overcome their obstacles to lead fulfilling lives with the help of Shriners like you and me.  We will share these videos with the membership when we have the opportunity, because they help us remember that  the Shriners Hospital System identifies thesingular mission of our great Fraternity: to make a difference in the life of a child.

Thanks for being a Shriner and a Mason, and be Proud of your involvement!

John Tunnell, PP


June 2018

I am trying to get my article done this weekend, because we are leaving town soon after the May Stated Meeting.  Have to go to Houston for the Hospital Board of Governors Meeting, and we are leaving for D.C. from there for a Marine Corps Reunion the next weekend. By the time we return, it may be too late to get it in the Wildcat!

The Month of June has two major Shrine activities-TSA Convention June 6-9, and the Oil Bowl on June 16. The proceeds from the Oil Bowl Game and all related activities go to support the Galveston and Houston Shriners Hospitals for Children.  We do this strictly to benefit the Children in our Shriners Hospitals, and it is the only official activity we have on schedule this year solely for their benefit. Needless to say, we as Shriners should support this game with our attendance and participation.  Thanks to Oil Bowl Chairman Yoshi Fukasawa, we have had two good years in a row!  Please buy your tickets, support and attend the game and wear your Fez!!  The children in our Shriners Hospitals depend on our support. Without Shriners [that’s us] our Hospitals would soon be history. Stated Meeting is June 12, the Tuesday before the Oil Bowl.

I know many of you are aware we have a National Patient Ambassador coming here for the activities.  Also, for the first time since 2005, we are sponsoring an Oil Bowl Basketball venue at Rider High School Gymnasium on Friday, June 15! Girls will play at 6:00pm, followed by the Boys at 7:30pm. Alec Cabacungan from Chicago SHC, one of our most noted patients, will be here to help raise money for Patient Care at our Hospitals. We are honored to have him and his parents here in Wichita Falls!  We intend to utilize Alec to tell his story to the players and the fans. On Friday, we will do some advertising with local news media.

That is a lot to cram into the first two full weekends, and thankfully, we have a couple weeks afterwards to regroup! I want all Shriners and their Ladies to understand that anyone can refer a patient to our Hospitals, with or without a doctor’s diagnosis. Doctors do account for many patient referrals, but so do people just like us! If a parent approaches you, get the child’s name, condition, and parent’s permission, and call our toll free number: 800-237-5055. I should mention here that you may have to ask a parent, if you notice a child’s problem, if he or she is getting medical treatment.  You may have the opportunity to make a huge difference in the life of a deserving child, and there is no better feeling than that!

The Shriners International Convention is the week of July 15-19 in Daytona Beach, Florida! The first time Daytona Beach ever hosted a Shrine Convention was 2017, and they did a wonderful job. So good, they were asked to do it twice in a row. Once again, Jerry Sloan and members of the Provost Guard are going to compete, and pull the Smoking Gun in the Parade! Should make for a fun convention!

Thanks for being a Shriner, Nobles and Ladies, thank you for supporting our efforts.

For the Children
John Tunnell, P.P. Recorder
Houston Board of Governors Rep.


May 2018

The first of May marks Vidalia Onions at Maskat Shrine! We are taking presales for Vidalia Onions in the Office, ten dollars for a ten pound bag. This is a fundraiser we do to keep our doors open, so contributions are not tax deductible.  But the onions are well worth the price. They will arrive from the fields around Vidalia, Georgia in the first week of May.  Call Maskat at 940-766-4511.   Another Maskat project, the Annual Golf Tournament, was held on Friday, April 27. Many local golfers join us for this event. Held at River Creek this year, Chairman Gordy Antill planned a great event.  The Golf Tournament will be history when you read this, but I thought I should mention it again!

On June 16, we have the Oil Bowl Classic at Memorial Stadium here in Wichita Falls.  Of course, we always have the Oil Bowl around this time. But I want to remind you that this year, we have at least one special guest, our most noted Shriner’s Hospital Ambassador, Alec Cabacungan will be here to help raise money.  Since raising funds for our Shriners Hospitals for Children is the reason we gather these stellar high school athletes yearly for this contest, we invite a Hospital Ambassador from time to time to bolster our attendance at the game. Alec will be here Friday, June 15 for publicity of the Oil Bowl Game, and will appear at local media outlets and spend some time with the players. He will be at the game Saturday, June 16, and will sign pictures and greet fans.  Despite his physical condition, he is a very accomplished young man, devoting many hours to his passion for sports, and promoting our Hospitals.

Alec is a patient at Shriner’s Hospital in Chicago.  Coincidentally, Maskat has two patients who currently go to Chicago for treatment, and we provide transportation for their trips, just as we do if they go to Galveston, Houston or Shreveport. It is more expensive to send a child to Chicago from Wichita Falls than the closer Hospitals.  But the Chicago Hospital has the specialists who treat our two patient’s condition.

More about our Hospitals. If you want to refer a patient to either Galveston or Houston, you can do it!  You do not have to be a Shriner. We always have referrals from Physicians, and parents and people like you. The point is, don’t hesitate to get involved! Sometimes you can help make a huge difference in a child’s life by doing something as simple as referring him or her to our Hospitals. The Oil Bowl Football Game is our Major Temple Fundraiser for the Hospitals.  Funds are split, half to Galveston, half to Houston.  Donations to the Oil Bowl Game are strictly for the Hospitals and therefore, tax deductible. As I told you earlier, the game will be held June 16 at Memorial Stadium.  Hope to see you there!  If the game is a financial success, our children will benefit! In 2017, the game was highly successful! We are planning ahead to try to make 2018 even better.  You can do your part by purchasing your tickets whether you can attend the game or not.  We need people in the stands to make this effort a financial success, so spread the news!

The Sporting Clays Shoot is June 2 at North Texas Field and Stream, and the week before the Oil Bowl, on June 6-9, we have our TSA Convention in Tyler, Texas. So June is a fairly active Month for Maskat Shrine.

This year, the Imperial Shrine Convention will be held in Daytona Beach, Florida, for the second time in as many years on July 15-19.  Several Provost Guard Members are going to compete with Provost Guard pistol teams from other Temples again this year.  Daytona Beach is hosting its second Imperial Shrine Convention.  Our Provost Guard will be competing in Imperial for the second time and have the “Smoking Gun” in the Imperial parade! I will close with this: Thanks for being a Shriner, Nobles.  And Ladies, thanks for supporting our efforts.

For the Children
John Tunnell, P.P. Recorder


April 2018

Happy Easter on April 1, 2018! It is beginning to look a lot like springtime as I write this the day before it is officially spring.  The wind is blowing about 20 or 30 mph and its pretty chilly here in Wichita Falls. But the sun is out, and the birds were singing yesterday, when it was a lot less breezy.  By the time you read this, you will probably wonder what I was thinking. I do that myself from time to time!

I do have some activities worthy of note in April besides the Dinner Theatre, which is on Saturday, April 14 this year.  Our Annual Golf Tournament at River Creek, which is the next Friday, April 20.  This is a great event for Maskat, because it is one of our major Temple fundraisers.  If you do not play golf, please volunteer to work the event, we always need people to work registration and other duties.  You get to see your friends and ensure that the tournament functions smoothly.  Volunteer for the Golf Tournament at the Stated Meeting on April 10. Chairman Gordie Antill will be glad you did! That’s about it for April, except for Maskat Happy Hour on Thursday, April 19.

Vidalia Onion Sales begin this year around May 1, as usual.  They can’t give us an exact date because vegetables do not work that way.  When they are ready, we will sell them, but it will be sometime in early May.  They are known as the sweetest onion in the world! Buy some, you will be glad you did!

We have some major events this summer to prepare for. We have TSA in Tyler and the Oil Bowl on back to back weekends, as always. TSA in Tyler is June 7-9, and the Oil Bowl is June 16.  This Oil Bowl will have Alec Cabacungan doing some color commentary and talking about our Hospital System.  He is a patient at Chicago Hospital and has agreed to come and be a part of our celebration.  Most people know Alec from his commercials for Shriners Hospitals for Children. He is a very talented young man in many ways. His TV spots about our Hospital System is where many people see him, but he has been sports broadcasting for many Shrine ballgames. I hope you will come to the Oil Bowl and see him and support the game.  All the proceeds from the game go to our two Texas Shrine Hospitals, in Galveston and Houston.

Then we have the Shrine Imperial Convention starting on July 15 in Daytona Beach.  It is a long way from Wichita Falls, on the East side of Florida.  This is our second Imperial there in as many years Ordinarily we do not have many Nobles at an Imperial when it’s so far away, but for the second year in a row, our Provost Guard is going to go, compete, and join the parade with the Smoking Gun!  Come join us at Daytona Beach, July 15-19!

I know I can’t seem to quit talking about our hospital system. But I can’t apologize for that!  Most of you know what conditions we treat, but if you know of a child who may qualify, please call the office. If we can help a child, we want to.  I am going to mention again, if you would like to go to Las Vegas and volunteer for the Hospital Benefit Golf Tournament the first week of November, see or call me or Dr. Steve Dryden, the Galveston Hospital Rep, for more details.  And by the way, thank you and yours for being a part of the Shrine Family. Together, as owners of the Shrine Hospitals, we have an opportunity to help make a difference in the lives of some very deserving children.  We are making a difference, I have the privilege to see it firsthand every Month at our Board Meetings. Visit one of our Hospitals!  It will change your life!

For the Children
John Tunnell, P.P. Recorder


March 2018

March is going to be a here in a week and three days whether we are ready for it or not.  I am attempting to write this column and think about packing up for the O.G. Trip to Shreveport at the end of the current week.  I think O.G. Dooby Fox will remember to go on this one, since we are taking the trip with him in mind.  Seems like he forgot all about it last year.

At our Divan Midwinter Conference the second weekend in February, we talked a lot about Membership, which is an ongoing problem, but we also talked a lot about shutting or repurposing some of our least productive hospitals to better utilize and protect our Endowment Fund. We will likely vote at Imperial this summer to close or repurpose two Burns Hospitals [Boston and Erie], leaving us with Galveston and Northern California.  We simply do not have enough Burn Patients to maintain four Burns Centers.   There may be more possible closings/ repurposing, but none we can specifically name at this time.  We are doing a great job saving lives and making them better, but some of our locations are really underutilized. We will share information with you as it becomes available, but Houston and Galveston locations are NOT listed as possible closures.  Our Texas Hospitals are doing great!

IHOP Pancake Day will be Tuesday February 27 this year. Chairman Shaun Blacklock spoke about it at the February Meeting. It is the largest one day fund raiser we have for our Hospitals.  Nobles have been very good about volunteering to work a two hour shift, which is great!  But after you finish your shift, stay and eat. Or eat before, if you would like! Or if you aren’t working the event, eat anyway! The food is great, and the event raises money for our Hospitals. And thank the staff! They graciously donate their time to us and help us make our event successful.

Our Patient of the Month at SHC Houston has Guillaume Barre syndrome. She is about eight and is making great progress in her recovery.  Dr. Barnes said the reason she has experienced a great recovery is because she was fortunate enough to contract this disease before puberty. She has regained most of her limb usage, and he said the later in life a patient contracts it, the less chance they have for a full recovery.  We are proud of her and happy for her progress. It really makes me proud to be a Shriner!

We had Doctor Blackwell report to us on the Cleft Lip and Palate Program at SHC Houston. It is a program which involves many specialists and probably a minimum of five surgeries before the patient is eighteen. Speech, hearing, dental work, and facial reconstruction are all involved, depending upon the severity of the problem. Another source of pride for us as Shriners. We really are involved in making children’s lives better.  It’s what we do!

I am delighted to tell you we have preliminary confirmation from Alec Cabacungan’s family he will make an official appearance at our Oil Bowl Game on Saturday, June 16.  This is something we have pushed for to make the Oil Bowl a more profitable game for our Texas Shriners Hospitals and we are thrilled about it! We need to fill the seats!

Thanks for being a Shriner, Nobles, and Ladies, thanks for supporting our efforts.

For the Children
 John Tunnell, P.P. Recorder


February 2018

Happy Valentine’s Day, among other events we are happy to observe in February if we are married or have kids! February is always short, and if you are a Shriner, pretty busy. Speaking of busy, congratulations to Noble Jerry Sloan for earning the Golden Fez Award for 2017! Just being himself earned him the recognition of that coveted award.

We start February with a Super Bowl Party on Sunday, February 4. This is always a fun party and I’m sure it will be this year as well. Your Divan will be going to Corpus Christi for Divan Midwinter on Thursday through Saturday, February 8-10. The rest of the Divan will come home Saturday, but Jennifer and I will be going up to Houston for the February Hospital Board of Governors Meeting which is on Monday.  Stated Meeting is February 13 at Maskat.  And don’t forget the Maskat Happy Hour on Thursday of that week.

The long awaited O.G. Trip to Shreveport Hospital is February 22-25.  It is a STAG trip to Margaritaville Hotel and Casino in Bossier City, and the bus ride, snacks and libations cost $75.00.  New Nobles first trip is free!  Well, you do have to pay for your room and gambling, but it’s still a good deal! It’s always a lot of fun, and we tour the Shriners Hospital in Shreveport on Friday. Our first Hospital was Shreveport, so it holds an historical place among Shrine Hospitals.  This trip gives everyone a chance to see what the Shrine supports, and makes a Noble even prouder to be a Shriner.

Don’t forget IHOP Pancake Day is February 27. Noble Shawn Blacklock is our man who makes it happen locally, but it is a group effort and the largest single day fundraiser we have for the Shrine Hospitals, so it is very important. Don’t forget to sign up to work, and join Shriners for pancakes on that special day!

As a Proud Houston Hospital Representative, I want to thank you for supporting our Hospitals. Houston Hospital honors a Patient of the Month at our Board Meetings. They are always a blessing for us who are fortunate enough to serve on the Board of Governors. This Month’s Honoree was a sixteen year old with a TBI [Traumatic Brain Injury].  He was found on the bathroom floor at his school and came to us for intensive rehab, not the TBI, which we do not treat. He came to us in a vegetative state, but after a month of rehab, he is all over the Hospital on his walker, talks in complete [if simple] sentences and goes to the bathroom by himself!  His transformation is not complete, but he is working on it all the time! His progress is at the heart of why we are Shriners and Shrine Ladies.

Thanks Nobles and Ladies for supporting our cause.  Just a reminder, when you send a check to Shriners Hospital Houston or Shriners Hospital Galveston, please write: for Patient Services.  This ensures the money stays at the Texas Hospital of your choice for our kids.

For The Kids
John Tunnell, P.P. Recorder
Houston Hospital Board of Governors


January 2018

FIRST OF ALL, Happy New Year and welcome to 2018!  Jeff and Bree Gainer have had a great year, and as things always go, they graciously stepped to the side to allow Calvin and Judy Carlton to assume the helm.  Calvin Carlton will be officially installed as Illustrious Potentate of Maskat Temple at our January Stated Meeting on January 9, 2018. The meeting time will be changed, we will have our regular tiled Stated Meeting at 6:30pm, then bring the Ladies in for the meal, followed by the Installation of Officers and a reception.

We had Officer Elections at Stated Meeting in December, and the slate looks a little different this year. Chief Rabban Calvin Carlton was elected to replace Illustrious Potentate Jeff Gainer, the outgoing Potentate.  Steve Harris became Chief Rabban, Bing Miller was elected Assistant Rabban, Kenny Lemons was elected High Priest and Prophet, and Dooby [Glen] Fox was elected Oriental Guide.  P.P. Mark Reed will remain Treasurer, and P.P. John Tunnell will still be Recorder, by vote of the Nobility. P.P. Charles Oldham was reelected to another two year term on the Financial Advisory Board, as was Bob Hamblin. P.P. Greg Stockton and Noble Bill Yates have one more year remaining on their terms on the Financial Advisory Board.

The Potentate’s Ball, Honoring Potentate Calvin Carlton and Lady Judy, is scheduled for Saturday January 27.  Super Bowl, and you know Shriners, any excuse for a party, will be Sunday, February 4, 2018. If that’s not a good excuse for a Party, I don’t know what would qualify!  This year, Divan Midwinter will be in Corpus Christi February 8-10.  Divan /Units Council will meet on Monday, February 12, and Stated Meeting is February 13th.  Don’t forget to sign up for the O.G. Trip which begins Thursday February 22-25 in Shreveport, Louisiana.  We will tour the Shriners Hospital there Friday, and O.G. Dooby Fox will serve everyone on the bus libations and sandwiches all the way to Shreveport and back!

Jennifer and I attended the Christmas Tree Lighting at Shriners Hospital For Children in Houston on Friday, December 1, followed by full Board Meeting Saturday Morning and Christmas Party that night.  In addition to our regular patients at the tree lighting ceremony, many former patients and their families were present. Also several Shrine Dignitaries were in attendance.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the celebration.

As I was finishing this column today, I got an email that a great Maskat Shriner, Noble Walt Johnston, passed away yesterday. May he Rest In Peace.  To my knowledge, that is our only death for December thus far.

Thanks for being Shriners, Gentlemen, and thank you Ladies for helping us be better men and Shriners!

For the Children,
John Tunnell, P.P. Recorder