The Shrine Circus has been associated with Maskat and all Shrine Centers for decades. The annual Circus event provides the opportunity for Shriners in their Fez’s and Shrine Units, such as the Clowns, to interact with the general public. The Shrine Circus is a family event enjoyed by children and parents alike. It features acrobats, jugglers, high-wire acts, and animals not usually seen in any other setting.

It costs a great deal of money to present a show of this caliber. As well as ticket sales, money is raised by selling Shrine Circus Coloring Books (and advertisements in the coloring book) which are sold at intermission. Maskat also greatly benefits from the generosity of our local Sponsor, Wal-Mart of Wichita Falls who have donated four bicycles per performance for the past few years to be given away (by way of the Coloring Books) to lucky children attending each performance.

The money raised at the Circus goes to support the various functions that Maskat participates in during the year, i.e., the annual Foster Children’s Christmas Party (Foster Children are invited to Maskat for presents from “Santa”) and the annual Easter Egg Hunt). These events bring a little joy into the life of some local Foster Children. Both are hosted by Clown Unit Shriners who take special care in relating to and supporting Children.

Plan to attend the Shrine Circus! You and your family will be thoroughly entertained. At the same time, you will be supporting the great work of Maskat and providing numerous children with the wonder of seeing a fantastic CIRCUS.