Foot Patrol



The Foot Patrol is a precision marching unit that was organized in 1921. The unit performs at various Temple functions, marches in parades and often helps carry the flags. They participate in Texas Shrine Patrol Association (TSPA) “Mid-Winter,” meeting each year (usually in March) and compete annually at Texas Shrine Association All-State Convention in June. The Foot Patrol has also competed at Imperial – The Shriners’ National Convention.  The Patrol participates in all the activities of Maskat Temple; and, in the past has held fund raisers to help pay for the bus for the “OG Trip.”

The Patrol has been a member of TSPA since it was formed in October 1953; Maskat had three delegates at that organizational meeting. When the President of TSPA is a member of Maskat, the TSPA Mid-Winter meeting is held in Wichita Falls.  Past TSPA Presidents from Maskat Foot Patrol include::

1957 — Jim Mims
1965 — Freddy Bumgarner
1982 — Charles Oldham
1994 — Bobby Burross
2001 — Robert Hyde

Over years, the Patrol has placed second or third many times in All State competition.  In 1977, they won first place in San Antonio with Cutter Burrus as their Captain. In 2001, the Patrol won first place in Mesquite with Billy Bumgarner as their Captain.  The Patrol “retired the flag” after winning first place again in 2002 and 2003 under the directionof Captain Mark Baker.  In 2009 and 2010, once again (under the direction of Captain Billy Bumgarner, the Patrol won first place and are hoping to be able to “retire the flag” again in 2011.  There are many family relationships in the Patrol and several Past Potentates are on the drill team.

Each year after All State in June, the Patrol elects a Captain to conduct practices and lead the drill team in performances and competition. The Captain may appoint a quatermaster, a drill master, and a 1st Lieutenant.  A President, and other civil officers, are elected to conduct the business and social affairs of the unit.  The election takes place in December, and new officers are installed at the yearly Installation Dinner in January.

A highlight on the Foot Patrol calendar is the yearly summer party at Possum Kingdom Lake.  This party has included everything from a 3-day affair to a Fish Fry —  a Bloody Mary Party, a smoked salmon cook, birthday celebrations, live music, dancing, boat rides, swimming, jello shots, “special” strawberries, and hamburger/steak cookouts.  2010 was the sixth year the Patrol has had a lake party courtesy of Bobby Ferguson and Betty Winters.

In 2001, the Patrol had 50 members, including 13 Life Members. A noble becomes a Life Member after being in the Patrol for 25 years. Over the last few years, membership in the Patrol, like the Temple, has fallen off a little bit.  However, the dedicated members of Maskat Foot Patrol have been working on the Unit Room and are working to rebuild the unit and continue bringing trophies home to Maskat Shrine Temple.

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