Maskat Shrine Ladies


The effort to establish an organization for the widows of Shriners at Maskat Shrine Center was initiated because of an Imperial request to Shrine Centers for the creation of such organizatins. Our efforts began in September 2000 when Potentate Don Wright asked Assistant Rabban to take it on as a project.

At the September 7, 2000, initial meeting, the Divan was represented by Potentate Don Wright, Assisstant Rabban Robert Hyde and Lady Donna, Oriental Guide Billy Bumgarner, and Treasurer Jimmie Holland and Lady Wanda. Other Ladies present included Betty Broyles, Frances Estrada, Frances Ferguson, Dorothy Marley, Elizabeth Furbush, and Jenny Glenn Alexander. During the meeting, the Potentate commented on Imperial’s request and offered his full support to the Ladies. The Assistant Rabban presented some general directions. Following, the Ladies discussed ways to reach more potential members and adjourned after setting a meeting for September 12.

Ten Ladies attended the September 12,2000, meeting at which the following temporary officers were selected: President Betty Broyles; Secretary Estelline Mikeworth; Treasurer Donna Burt; and Divan Adviser Donna Hyde. Discussion centered around how to contact additional Ladies. It was decided that we would advertise, and notices were printed in the Wildcat and the Shopper.

Seven Ladies attended the November 2000 meeting. Needless to say, we were somewhat disheartened. Maskat Shrine Ladies was tentatively selected as the name of the organization. Our chief concern was still members. At this point, we had 30 names as potential members. We decided to have the next meeting during the daytime (January 13, 2001) and mailed a letter to each Lady asking she attend. We requested Potentate Terry Huff and Chief Rabban Robert Hyde attend and discuss with the Ladies various Maskat activities that our group could help with.

Our January 2001 meeting was a rousing success. Potentate Terry Huff and Lady Janie and Chief Rabban Robert Hyde welcomed, and expressed their extreme pleasure at seeing, the following 20 Ladies: Betty Alexander, Diantha Andrews, Betty Broyles, Donna Burt, Louise Daniel, Frances Estrada, Frances Ferguson, Thelma Gray, Dorothy Marley, Lydia Martin, Estelline Mikeworth, Mamie Muirhead, Virginia Neale, Imogene Plemons, Maggie Ratliff, Helen Reeves, Diane Russell, Patricia Rutledge, Dorothy Wilson, and Helen Wingler. Ladies agreed to help with the January 2001 Ceremonial and decorations for Divan Mid-Winter. Temporary officers were made permanent, and Pat Rutledge was elected Vice-President. Maskat Shrine Ladies was adopted as the official name, and dues were set at $10.00 per year (1 January thru 31 December) and payable in January each year. Meetings were set for 2PM on the first Saturday of each month. (This has since been changed to the second Saturday.) Location of meetings is decided by the group as appropriate. It was decided that the Potentate’s Lady and Chief Rabban’s Lady, as a function of those Maskat Offices, will be associate members to act as Divan Advisers.

At our February 2001 meeting, the Maskat Shrine Ladies Constitution and By-Laws were approved. Its objectives were included in the document:

“The objectives of this organization are to provide support for each other; to assist Maskat Shrine Center and its units in various ways when asked, such as decorating for special events and assisting at registrations; welcoming new nobles’ ladies at ceremonials or initiations; and hosting hospitality rooms.”


Betty Alexander
Diantha Andrews
Betty Broyles
Jean Burrus
Donna Burt
Lou Daniel
Frances Estrada
Frances Ferguson
Thelma Gray
Dorothy Marley
Lydia Martin
Estelline Mikeworth
Mamie Muirhead
Virginia Neal
Imogene Plemons
Maggie Ratliff
Helen Reeves
Dannie Russell
Pat Rutledge
Dorothy Wilson
Helen Wingler

Janie Huff
Donna Hyde

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