Facility Rental

The facilities at Maskat Shrine Center are available for rent and can accommodate groups up to 350 people (425 if no dance floor is required). The facility includes a ballroom with stage and dance floor as well as a  kitchen to use for reheating or catering setup. We also have a licensed bar which can be included with a rental. Rentals can be arranged based on group size and tailored to fit renter's requirements such as seating arrangements (layout for tables and chairs), bar requirements, etc.

The cost is based upon the group size. For example: Basic cost for a group up to 120 people is $225.00; 120-149 people - $300; 150-199 people - $400; 200-249 people  - $500; 250-299 people - $600; and over 300 people - $700. There is also an additional charge for security costs. If you require a bar, that is also an additional charge.  For details about rental costs call Cathy Stockton at the Maskat Shrine Center Office (766-4511).

Additional, the Shrine Center has more than adequate lighted parking. We have tables and and that can be arranged to meet your seating needs. If you wish, you can also come in and decorate ahead of time for your event.

We have a long list of satisfied individuals and groups who have utilized our center for various functions including weddings, club and organizational seminars, proms, conventions, and numerous other events.

If you (or your group) are looking for a perfect place for that next big gathering, look no farther than Maskat Shrine Center. Just call our offices Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm and we will arrange a tour through the facilities at your convenience and provide you with rental rate details.

The Shrine Center could easily become the answer to your need for "the right place."

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