Recorder’s Corner

September 2002

Well once again this article is going out and we still haven’t been together.  I do miss you slugs!! We will have a very busy start to September with Steak Cook-Off on the 3rd at the Hatton Road Land.  Follow this up with the Circus September 5th and 6th.  All of this is over the Labor Day weekend.

The Unit Council and Divan meeting has been moved from Wednesday, September 7th, to Monday, September 12th, with stated meeting on Tuesday, September 13th.  Dinner will b e at 6:30 and meeting at 7:30.  As I have said before, by the time you read this it’s all over.

I do have one burning issue that surfaces every fall.  We are in need of a couple of qualified Nobles to take a hard look at running for Oriental Guide.  Everyone has a valid excuse not to run now, “but I will later.”  Keep in mind there may not be a Shrine Temple when that time happens.  I’m just asking.  The Temple needs a good qualified O.G.  If there are any questions please ask me or any Divan member.

Go ask the man in the mirror — is now the time for you?

Calvin Carlton PP, Recorder



August 2002

It seems like forever since we have been together. I know it was a fast and busy June but I must say that once again when we had to have people show up and participate, we were there. With TSA and the Oil Bowl behind us, I want to say Great Job Maskat Nobility. As most know, I drove Imperial Sir Bill Bailey to all functions and had Sir Jerry Gantt with us for two days, point being they were happy with all functions and attendance. I heard nothing but
positive comments from them. Hats off to all!

Now the Oil Bowl, I was impressed with the Iowa Park facility. It was smaller and made our crowd look impressive. It was very clean and good looking stadium. Basketball had a good crowd and Volleyball was a respectful crowd as well. Good job Yoshi (forever chair).

Well this is written the last week of July so we are still dark in August. Hope to see some of y’all during this period. Remember we have Units Council September 7th, 6:30pm in the Oasis and our Stated Meeting will be September 13th, dinner at 6:30pm and meeting at 7:30pm. Hope to see you at both.



June 2002

Wow, who turned on the heater?? Temperatures are heating up and so is our calendar. We just finished our Maskat Shrine Golf Tournament last Friday and it was a successful event. The weather was nice with little wind and we had about 100 players in the tournament. Scott Anderson and River Creek golf course really went the extra mile to help us 1 Gordy did a first class job! Gordy also wanted to be sure and thank all the Nobles and Ladies that were there to support the event. Great Job by all !!!

We are getting geared up for our CRAWFISH BOIL May 21st. We expect a good group to attend. Will give you an update on this next month.

Ok, here comes June. Starting with units council on Wednesday June 1st, then our own TSA the 8th – 11th. Bruce and his team have the ball rolling downhill on this. We can always use the extra help if you don’t have an assigned job, please call Bruce or Cathy. We have got to knock this out of the park. We then roll into Stated Meeting on the 14th –AND – the Oil Bowl events start and run until the 18th. Yoshi has been on this for months. FYI the football game will be held in Iowa Park stadium this year because of some construction at Memorial Stadium. Again help needed if possible. Call Yoshi or Cathy. June 20th we have our largest rental of the year. The Jr Norris Pool Tournament. They rent the entire Temple for a week. It’s a good revenue stream for the Temple.

After all this we are dark for 2 months (July 1 August).

Oh, a little bit more good news, we had over 50 Nobles attend the stated meeting and we brought in a new

A lot going on – please help if at all possible or come out and enjoy what is happening with your Temple.

Thanks and hope to see you soon!!


May 2022

Well it’s already mid-April, grass is growing and bushes are coming back to life. Must be time for the annual Maskat Easter Egg Hunt. This is certainly one of my favorite events. I do like seeing the look on those kids faces with a basket full of eggs. I hope to see a bunch of Nobles with kids and grand kids at this fun event. More on the outcome of this later!!

We had an idea brought to Unit Council of forming a phone committee. I understand this has been done in the past and was rather successful. faded away. We are going to crank it up again. Until we get a committee in place we have asked Unit heads to call the people in their respective unit and inform them of meetings and upcoming events. I covered this last night in our stated meeting. I hope it will yield needed results. We will work on getting a solid committee together. Until then I want to thank the unit heads!!

One of our largest special events is fast approaching. The Maskat Shrine Golf Tournament. The date is May 6th at River Creek. Gordy, Ed Hall, and the rest of the crew have been working hard on this and we are assured it will be full again this year. Call Cathy to enter single or a team – 766-4511 .

TSA is coming here in June. We need lots of help to make this happen in true Maskat style. Call Cathy or Bruce Urban 642-5284 if you can help out.

On our last stated meeting April 12th we had 43 Nobles signed in (not bad but could be better).

Our meeting was short but very informative, and the meal was first class. Hope you can make the May 10th meeting !!



April 2022

Let me start with the fact that we had 51 Nobles in attendance last night at stated meeting. WOW!! That is a personal goal I had to see attendance reach 50+ again. I’m sure there are a number of reasons I don’t know or even understand, but COVID is on a steep decline and people just want a little personal contact. I’m glad 51 people picked the Maskat Temple.

We have a Ceremonial scheduled for March 12th at 2pm here at the Temple. We have several people lined up to experience the more formal side of what we are about. I hope we have some Nobles attend this, Don Whan is doing his part one more time and should be impressive.

There are a lot of functions coming up and we will need some help put-

ting these on. Here is a short list:

  • March 25 – Provost Guard Mid Winter Dinner and Casino night.
  • April 16th – Easter Egg hunt at the Hatton Rd land. Open to all !!
  • May 6th – Shrine Golf Tournament at River Creek. See Gordy or Cathy for entry forms or hole
  • June 9-11, TSA here in the Falls! Need Help, see Bruce Urban.
  • June 14-18, Oil Bowl. Need help again. See Yoshi.

As you can see we have a little something for everyone coming soon. PLEASE come out and support
your Temple’s Special Events. SEE YA SOON !!



March 2022

We had our first full meeting with Potentate Dooby Fox at the helm. I must say I thought it went quite smooth and we did cover a lot of territory. The Cooking Unit provided a great meal, with Don Pepper butter beans, a real treat in itself.

There were 42 nobles total in attendance. That is not a bad beginning. Would love to see this top 50 again soon.

The Potentate’s Ball was a success by any standard. Don’t know the total head count but the ball room was as full as I have seen in years. The Burris Cooking Team provided Ribeye steaks and all to go with it. Great Band and just a good
time for all. If you didn’t go you missed quite a gathering.

Our next event is the Super Bowl party which is always fun. It is open to all and load up the kids for fun and the
bouncy house. There will be the Boards to win a little pocket money along with corn hole tournament, and salsa
drawing. There will be door prizes to purchase chances on as well as a couple of tv’s. Oh well it will be over
when you get this.

We have scheduled the Spring Ceremonial for March 12th, 2PM. We have several PP that have said they would
help but we do need a few other Nobles to assist. Also we need some butts in chairs to show support for our
incoming Nobles. Please mark on your calendars!!

Next is the Easter Egg Hunt at the Shrine Land on Hatton Rd. Again open to all Shriner or not and load the kiddos
for Hamburgers and Hot Dogs with chips. The Clowns always do a great job with the Hunt (in costume). The date
is April 16th at high noon. See ya there.

Shrine Golf Tournament is a favorite for Shriners and some good friends. May 6th is the date and will be at River
Creek Golf Course. Start making plans for this one as well.

Our Potentate has announced his trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. You should have received an E-mail on this. Cathy will have information in Temple office and there will be much more on this as it develops.

We have had to move the O.G. Trip again because of Hotel issues. No updated new date as of now.

** Very last but not least. Though we have several new members come in we can’t seem to keep up with deaths and demits. We are currently down to 309 Nobles. There are two things we must do now. Come to our events and bring someone that has interest in the Shrine, secondly keep an eye on your Lodge for any new Master Masons. I am told there has been some activity in the Lodges and as we know that is our only source of members at this time.

Yours in Faith,


February 2022

First of all I hope all had a Happy New Year. Ours was pretty low key.

We just changed Potentates last Tuesday. I would like to give one last big Thank You to Kenny Lemons and his lady Tami for their dedication to Maskat and our mission. Good luck in your future and hope to see you at our future events.

As the passing of time we have moved to our next leader, Illustrious Glen “Dooby” Fox and his Lady JoAnn. Dooby has hit the ground running with some great plans for his Potentates Ball, January 29, 2022. He has a good band lined up
(very good) and food cooked by John Burrus, his brother in law. We are all familiar with Little John’s cooking, what a treat !! Dooby has a lot of friends coming so please call Cathy at the Temple and make your reservations. Fun will be had by all.

My ask is that you support our Temple activities and our new Potentate and his Lady. With TSA in Wichita Falls
and closely followed by the Oil Bowl we will need lots of volunteers during both. As in the past we always come
together to make it happen. We just have to get out of the stands and into the game. We always pull it together,
Let’s keep it up please.

We had a good Oil Bowl meeting last night. I thought some very good ideas and changes came to light that
should make the logistics flow better. I suggest you make the next one if at all possible. We did have about 12
folks there, it was a great group and Yoshi bought the beer!!

Our January schedule is full. January 17th is TSA meeting 6pm at the Temple. January 20th (Thursday) is Happy
Hour at the Temple with Don Pepper butter beans as a treat!! Finally our Potentates Ball January 29th at the
Temple 6PM – until we drop.

Come have some fun at YOUR Maskat Shrine Temple.

For the Children,
Calvin Carlton, Recorder


January 2022

I feel the need to again let everyone know the path that was chosen during our last Stated Meeting.  We had approximately 10% of our membership in attendance.  I was looking for over twice that many as we usually have a good turn-out for December Divan elections.  With that being said, Noble John Priddis stepped up and ran for Oriental Guide unopposed.  As you may expect, Potter Bowles was nominated to run but was quickly pulled from nomination.

Our January meeting will be the installation of officers and Ladies Night.  Out with the old and in with the new.  Potentate Lemons asked the Nobility to please take a few minutes and look at the additions to the kitchen and outdoor cooking area if you haven’t already.  There have been quite a few changes out back.  If nothing else, look at the fence.  Like the changes or not Potentate Lemons has gotten a lot of things done.  I think we can say “he left it better than he found it.”  Thanks a bunch Kenny.

Potentate elect Dooby Fox has some good ideas also and plans to hit the ground running.  He will have TSA here in the Falls June 9-11, 2022.  He will be asking all of us for some needed help.  We always do a good job with this event but it takes all to pitch in to pull it off.

The next meeting is January 11th with installation of officers. Bring your Ladies and support your new Potentate.

Calvin Carlton