As a service to our members, we will now include your Blue Lodge dues on your bank draft for your Shrine dues.  If you would like to put your dues on bank draft, call Donna Hyde at Maskat Office (940-766-4511), and she will work out the details with you.  You can start a bank draft at any time. 

The amount of the draft will be computed based on how many months you will have during the first year to pay toward the dues.  Ordinarily, with the December draft we will have collected the total of your next year’s dues.  At that time we show your dues paid; and, if you are also paying on Lodge dues, we will forward a check to your Lodge.

If you are behind in your Maskat dues, we can work out something if you are willing to put the cost of your dues on a monthly bank draft.  We can compute your draft to get you “caught up” and then  after that, the monthly draft would drop to $13.00.

Once you are two years in arrears, you are subject to suspension that December.  If you make arrangements for payment by bank draft to get your dues current, you will not be suspended as long as the bank draft stays in effect.  If you want to get your dues current, we will work with you–Talk with  Donna in Maskat’s Office (Monday thru Thursdays, 9:00 AM until 3:00 PM) or leave a message and she will contact you.


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